Cats And Their Humans


Cats are cute and cuddly and make us either go “aww” or laugh out loud at their antics. And because of the great language barrier between us humans and cats, we probably often mistake their sinister intentions for affection. This makes me wonder what our behavior appears to our feline friends.

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The Masterpiece Problem


I am always surprised at the image people form of authors who have written masterpieces; it is as if the author can only write exceptionally good stories. Well, it should be true, if the author has one amazing story, then it is a sort of proof that the author is capable of writing brilliant stories. Yet, that does not mean that every story that author writes will be a masterpiece without faults.

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The Last Page


Recently I finished a serialized story which I was hoping would end soon. In fact, I would say that I was eagerly waiting for its last chapter; not because I liked it, but because it got extremely boring and I started to hate it.

So why was I reading it? Because I wanted to know the ending.

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