Murphy’s Law…Hence Proved!!

Mood: Shocked, 😮 and Thankful

This was supposed to be posted two days ago. But as the title of the post suggests, something kept going wrong (now I am beginning to think if this post is jinxed). To top it all, I am now updating from my cell phone. Oh by the way this post was written two days ago.

Ok now I am a 100% nocturnal creature, so its very easy for me to sleep late at night. And when I know that I have a weekend next day, I tend to sleep until late afternoon…even if I am not tired. So basically it is very easy for me to fall out of the “work in day, sleep at night” routine.

Now two days back we had a two day weekend (a rarity here) and so I started staying awake at night. Now on Sunday night I was finishing up my high-school graduation video i.e editing and burning etc. So I had to do the same task thrice. That’s because everytime something or the other was wrong with the clips and I couldn’t compile them into one movie. Honestly it was the most diffcult video editing software I had ever used (of course, the fact that it was first experience is an entirely different story).  😛

So I was done with it finally at 2:30 AM after starting at 9:00 PM and needless to say it wasn’t a good experience.

The Murphy’s Law, however, was proved the next morning while getting ready for university. After having slept for less than 4 hours, it was kind of hard to get up. Then, its was freezing cold that morning and so it was hard to wash my face and brush my teeth without freezing up. Then the pants I picked that morning, due to the weather, were not ironed. So with less than 20 minutes to go, I undertook the task of ironing the “most difficult pants to iron” in the world. It took ten minutes.

This is when the fun starts. I got dressed in less than 5 minutes. Now all I needed to do was to put on my shoes, pack my bag and leave. But, as I later found out, it wasn’t so simple. I couldn’t find any clean socks…anywhere. So I had to wear dirty, stinky socks right. 😥

Moving on, it proved an acheivement that morning to pack my bag and so I was reminded yet again why it is a benefit to pack before going to bed in the night (which is what I usually do). I was two minutes late by this time.

It takes ten minutes for me to reach my class…so that made me ten minutes late to class. And just glancing from afar I knew that it was late to barge in considering the fact that it is the second class. But now as I write this down, I think I made yet another wrong decision and I should have entered and excused my self then and there.

By the time only half the post was completed, it was time for class#3. So I saved it up and left. But when I returned I faced yet another problem. This post won’t open for editing. I tried it thrice that day yet no luck. So I left it alone and tried it again today. And thats when I discovered that my university net hours are finished as well.

So now I am without internet and officially cut-off from the world. Not to mention reduced to blogging from my cell-phone.

Hence I prove to you Murphy’s Law:

“When something can go wrong it will go wrong.”

Sigh. Well since I have to go to uni tomorrow and its late (more like early…in the morning), I am signing off. Hope you are in good spirits. See you next time.



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