Mood: Tired

We had a bonfire last night at our place and to sum it up: It was AWESOME!!!

Obviously we encountered a few problems with the event considering we were managing the event…well not us, per say, a friend of mine. Anyways so we have been planning for it for two weeks and by the end of it she was past breaking point.

We were three members for the managerial committee, so to speak, and, my friend, lets call her A, was the CEO. 😉 Another was, M, was incharge of the sound system. I was, and still am incharge of the technical details, the video etc etc.

So we got everything ready by 20:00 hours and we were just getting the music ready when, viola, we had a bout of load-shedding. I mean imagine yourself being on the verge of organizing a major event and having a power failure 2 hours before it is to start. We had to still light up the coal for BBQ and start the bonfire.

Meanwhile the guest were no where near being ready. They still had to iron and dress up and we had to start by 21:00 hours. Its was a pretty bad sight. We were all fumig up assuming that our night, and our hard work had gone to waste. Even the management wasn’t ready.

Well so we waited and waited for the power to come back on. I still remember trying to find my clothes and choose in the emergency light (but then I would coz it was just last night). Anyways somehow I got ready (thank God my clothes were ironed). But A and M were pretty fumed up by then.

We waited for 2 hours before the power was restored and when the moment finally arrived we gave a shout of relief…literally.And so it begun. The fun, the music, the dancing, the excitement, and of course the BBQ.

The party went on till 02:00 hours in the morning. And everyone appreciated it a lot. Our guests gave us a surprise by giving us titles. And we stopped all our junior guests to say a farewell message to the seniors. However the party was finally broken up when it started to drizzle and we had to take all the electronics inside.

Then came up the long and boring job: cleaning up. The three managers were left with the responsibility to do that. And so we did…put everything back in its place, shut of all electronics and distribute all the food. When everything was done it was 04:00 hours and the next day, i.e today was (or will that be is) a working day. Hence my exhaustion.

But nothing takes away the fun and the joy on all the faces, the party and the laughs. I am left with editing the video and photogrphy content and to release a final completed movie of the event. So, my job has just begun. Once I get the pics and vids I’ll post up some. So do keep coming back.

Well hope you all have fun this weekend. Enjoy but don’t overdo it. Till we meet again.



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