Whew!! What A Week!!!

Mood: Tired but Happy 😀

Well today has been a weird day, and the thing is its not even over yet.

For one thing I got net hours at home but the net connection is so damn pathetic that I can’t update anything from there. So I’ll tell you about somethings over here.

First off, today was a gender symposium at our uni, but we had labs and all so there was no way we could attend. We even bunked a class but by the time it started we had to leave cause it was lab time. Anyways the speakers were really good, one was our Business Communications teacher whom I totally admire. And the other was our economics teacher…I admire him too. So when it was their turn to speak we were stuck in the lab and so basically we missed out on the main parts.

When the labs started we thought we would go back to catch them but when their turns were over what was the point? They were the only good speakers in the entire seminar anyways…seriously…Its pretty bad the way our uni doesn’t cancel our classes once they arrange a seminar like this.

Anyways moving on, Business communication is one of my favorite subjects now since its so much fun to sit in that class and all. I have to formally introduce myself tomorrow and I just hope it goes well. Besides our teacher is who makes it really interesting for me. She is just so graceful and makes the class really interactive.

Anyways last-to-last sunday my relatives had a family get-together. MAN all the cousins were there and did I want to go. Now what happened was a comedy. I slept late friday night since saturday was a holiday for me, so obviously I woke up at 4:00 in the afternoon. I had a class on sunday morning so I thought I would just fall back and you know not risk my class (since it was for four hours) and ofcourse with cousins, and according to their plan, we were to stay up all night. But then what do I find that I actully stayed up all of saturday night as well!!! I REALLY WANTED TO GO!!!

I know thats my fault and its only my wrong decision that was the cause of this but hey…its still hurts. 😉

Now, the main pourpose of this post is to fall through on my promise of putting up some bonfire pics. So here is what it was like:


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