Ever wonder what a certain person is saying about you behind your back? Or perhaps that some people are connecting you to a certain individual you don’t want anything to do with? Or may be that someone is, at this very moment, wrongly accusing you of a deed you haven’t even done?

I bet none of you ever considered something like this; of course, why would anyone? Surely things such as these don’t happen…

But they do…they happen every moment as soon as someone turns their back on others. They happen whenever two people are sitting together, or when a group of people hang out. And they are known as…

Gossips, as defined by the Oxford dictionary, are informal talks about other people and their private lives. Gossip is something we all are guilty of doing. We find others lives more interesting than ours, we find them glittery and there is nothing more interesting than discussing a topic such as another’s life.
Gossips are of multiple types. One is general gossip that ninety-nine percent of the world’s population is guilty of doing (make that a hundred). Then there is the malicious gossip: rumors initiated just to hurt someone or at least their pride and character.

The first question that comes to my mind is how and why someone would do such a thing. And one answer I always get is the availability of time. I find it ironic that in a world where we do not get enough time to complete our daily chores, we always do have time to gossip around. From one pair of lips to another, gossips surely do spread faster than wildfire, and more often than not they are altered.

Let us return to the good old days. Remember the game Telephone, where one player was supposed to whisper a particular word or phrase into the next player’s ear and everyone was supposed to monitor the alterations made? I find gossips a real life play of the age-old game. Mostly, a particular piece of information is added on to…or as we say spiced up a little bit. Of course, what is life without a little spice in it?
So who are the culprits and who are the victims? The answer: Everyone. None of us are protected from this heinous act and at one time or another all of us have been afflicted by it.

I am not here to tell you that you need to stop…you already know that I hope. Rather, here I will be telling you what you can achieve if you save up some time from gossiping. Let’s start with the basics: Etiquettes. This is something all of us prize above all else. Behaviors in social gatherings, knocking before entering are something we never forget to do. So know this as well. Etiquettes also call for a person to not interfere in others personal matter. In layman terms: To mind your own business. Common sense also calls for this. One must realize when talking about others that they may not know the entire details about the subject that they are talking about. So if you stop gossiping, you will definitely improve your repute as a good-mannered individual. And everyone likes a sweetheart.

Moving on, ever wanted to be remembered in this world? Be smart and knowledgeable? Or to put it simply: be successful? Then there is another good reason why you should stop gossiping. Gossiping kills ideas. That is an observation. When one gossips, their mind drifts over to the category of discussing people. And as gossiping is a vice, it entangles the mind making it such that one cannot think constructively at all. Therefore, lack of ideas means a road block in the highway to success. Hence, not gossiping means a high chance that you can enter your name in the history books.

One does not need to think about etiquettes or success if s/he wants to know the consequences. Simply remember that one day you might be the one with the bad name or with a failed career or even a failed life…all because someone gossiped about you. A piece of gossip affects someone; someone’s reputation at that very moment is destroyed, their privacy is disturbed, their entire life is at stake. And something we all must consider when we start to gossip is that: that someone might be us.

Being a teenager, I would bring the focus around to my age group. So I would implore them to think constructively, to focus on perfecting their lives rather than finding faults in others and flaunting them. Remember no one is without faults and the only time we have a right to point out the shortcomings of others is when we, ourselves, are flawless.

In a nutshell, gossiping is a serious personality defect in us all and it is attacking our society at the core. However, one can surely overcome this flaw in a few simple ways. First off all, good etiquettes say gossiping is a major no-no. Secondly, company does matter and success calls for a no gossip policy. Also, courtesy says that we should overlook other people’s shortcomings and realize that nobody is perfect. Finally, don’t forget Karma: what goes around comes around. So the next time you wish to discuss a person, realize that you might be next.

Live and let live. The choice is yours.

Something that I wrote a long time back. Thought Maybe its time to put it up.


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