I am back home….for almost a week now. I knew me being back home wasn’t gonna be walk in the park but that I have to study for my upcoming exams. But you know how its like being home. I am all relaxed and happy. Enjoying life with mom and dad. Chilling and I know that I have no idea what was being taught in class in year. I seriously need to get in grip with my studies. I have a test coming up the same day as when the uni opens that being 14 July. I don’t know what I am gonna do.

Anyways coming back this year, I saw Step Up 2 in the plane. And Enchanted as well. The first I think had AWESOME dance moves with a corny storyline. The second didn’t have anything memorable. I mean after I watched it i felt like I have wasted 2 hours of my life. I don’t think awake is that interesting either. I just watched bits and pieces of it. Enough to know that his wife planned it all. But anyways if anyone asks I would say that Step Up 2 is a must watch. Can’t keep your eyes off screen.

I studied day before yesterday then yesterday and today were days off. That’s how it is with me. The worst part is that I can’t  even maintain a schedule. Its pretty annoying when I don’t get things done. But that’s what happens with mommy and daddy around me.

I have another story coming in my mind…but most of my stories never make it out on paper that’s because they are so corny and only have a beginning and a middle. I keep looking for a great end but it never shows up. Those that actually do make it on paper I’ll try to post em up.

I started maintaining a diary to keep my mind off things hoping that it would better help me with studies. Lets see if a story comes up from that.

Well nothing more that I can write right now. I just wish I had a cat…my yearning for it is too great. until next time.



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