An Year Of An NEDIAN it has been a while since I updated this thing. I don’t know…I just don’t know what I want to write most of the time. I visit these blogs of other people and they are so good and informative…and I am kind of embarrassed that I write about the stupidest things I could think of. Plus most of the time I don’t know what to write about.

Anyways, I don’t if anyone will ever be reading this blog but I will write it about my university, NED. Ok so NED is one of the most prestigious university of Karachi especially in engineering. Now let me tell you the real charm of NEDUET. If anyone follows the standards of government schools and colleges in Karachi then they are probably under the impression that NED will be somewhat like that too. Thats the first shock: it isn’t. In fact it is one institution you have have to attend even if it is a government announced holiday of all “educational institutions” or even if the city is flooded. I guess that means you can’t consider NED to be an educational institute 😉

Ok when you first enter NED you are probaby under the impression that its a fun-filled four years of your life. Well to some extent they are but on the other hand they are aso the most stress-filled years. The teachers…well most of them you will feel are your classmates…they are so young. Fresh graduates.  Then there are teachers you won’t understand because they voices are so low or they don’t know how to control the class or they are unable to explain a concept (as is everywhere else). But once or twice in  your four year stay in NED you wil be blessed with a teacher that is, simply put, ideal. They will develop such an interest in their subject that you will be getting 100% marks in the exams (in just that subject mind you).

Now your first few months in the university will be bliss. Hardly any tests, hardly any assignments, skipping classes and fun all the time. Then sometime around May, the teachers will decide its time to start finalizing the sessionals and they have to submit them by the end of July. So you are landed with eleven tests (one for each subject) to be conducted in two weeks (sometimes two in a day). And some teachers feel extra pressure to give good sessionals that they give out assignments. So in two weeks time you have to give 11 tests and submit an average of three long assignments.

Once you are free of all these tests and assignments then the summer holidays of 40 days begin. But wait, the teachers have also given out assignments and projects for the summer (of course, why should you relax? :twisted:) But how can you study in the summer vacations when you have just spent the most stressful two weeks of your life? So your assignments and projects keep being postponed till tomorrow until Voila!! Its the end of summer holidays…and you realize that your teachers have decided to conduct tests in the first two weeks after your summer holidays. Oh boy! here we are in trouble!! So you decide to ask your sibling’s help (if they are an engineer) in your projects and take you friend’s assignment to copy. Now the only thing you have to do is to prepare for the tests…which you also fail to do. They day those test are over, the teacher announce one last test of their subject (to consider best of three) which are scheduled in August. In the end, they leave you scratching your head that how come the tests are conducted in August when the sessionals were to be finalized by July. But then again you feel as if you have to give 11 tests (one of each subject) in a day. Finally you end up getting average marks in your tests and when the sessionals are announced less that a week later, you are again scratching your head wondering where the good marks came from (But you are wise not to question good fortune). 😉

Two weeks later your preparation leaves starts and so does Ramadan. So all your plan to be finish preparation of all your subjects go down the drain. (Who can study during fasts:?:) As the first exam draws near you start feeling the stress again and two-three days before the paper you finally manage to remove the thick layer of dust from your books. And then when its hits you…You really don’t know the subject because you were too busy enjoying the rest of the year. In the final hours before the paper you pull out the notes you managed to copy from the board (or your friends) or the handouts your teacher provided, and start cramming (after all you know that’s where the questions will be from :shock:). When its time for the paper you feel tensed and pray to Allah to help you with this paper and you will prepare better for the next one. He does and you manage to attempt the required 5 out of 8 questions. You come home satisfied that your paper went better than expected and enjoy, wasting away 2-3 day preparation gap. The same cycle keeps repeating for the entire 2 months of examinations after which the worry for good results start and you wonder where it was before the exams.

The next two weeks before the results are spent praying for good results. And finally when the results are announced you are pleased with your 1st division marks (60% and above). If you are an A grader or a very competitive person then you may be a bit depressed when you don’t get your expected marks. You vow then to study harder next year and make the best use of time and enjoy the rest of december.

January starts. So does university. You forget your vows relaxing that the first test will be conducted in May. And then the entire cycle repeats again for the next three years.

This is exactly what I am doing right now. Its my 3 day gap between the examination (today being the first) and I am wasting it away in updating my blog :cry:. But I will go to study in about an hour or so. Hopefully.

So till we meet again. Adieu


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