Mood: Bored and Stressed
Song: If I Never See Your Face Again — Maroon 5 ft. Rihanna

So I watched Yellow Fever (Supernatural) and it was awesome (hands down). The expressions on Dean’s face when he is scared of everything in his vicinity. Even that cute little tiny dog. It was wonderful.

The best moment was probably Dean’s little girl scream. I couldn’t stop laughing. And I stil can’t get enough of it. The second best was probably the lip-sync to “Eye of a Tiger”. That was definitely a treat. And then there was the moment at the beginning of the and sometime around the middle too, when Dean was chased by the dog  who will apparently “kill him”. HILARIOUS!! 😀

Kudos to the Supernatural creative team who managed to keep the show so interesting even after 4 seasons (though the 3rd season was a drag). You don’t often come around show that maintain the same kind of interest are the 2 season at most. Even the start to season 4 was interesting and the was the team left it at a cliff-hanger (who is that angel and above all, is he really an angel?)

Then there is still an unanswered question: Has Sam really stopped using his power? What was yellow eye’s big plan? Where is Ruby and Lillith?

I just hope that these interesting ideas keep coming in and the show remains interesting for the rest of its duration. This show is probably my most recommended and I haven’t been so engrossed in a show before this (nor has any kept my interest for so long).

I just can’t wait till next Thursday.


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