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I had my “Communication Systems” exam today and it just went awful…the worst of all…yet. I can’t really blame anyone else, after all I didn’t study. But even then people were saying it went really bad for everyone. Lets see. I have my fingers crossed and am praying like anything. I am also asking everyone else to pray for me, especially that I get good marks in this paper and also get a good overall result…so that includes you too.

Anyways that’s not what this post is about. Where I live with my roomie, its a very old building….very much ancient if you would say. So naturally there are overgrown trees and plants, gardens that have not been taken care of, old workers and well the other residents who believe in the supernatural. The worst thing is that my room is right next to the compound that has a large overgrown tree right in front of it (more like right in front of my room). Plus there are a lot such “areas” where you don’t feel like entering in the middle of the night…or you feel that you might bump into something in there. So people in the building usually avoid those areas. But then there are some workers or old residents who, for some unexplainable reason, have put up swings in such places. Hence, when one is walking down from in front of the overgrown, forest-like clearing at 3 a.m with a single light shining on the swings and a chair creepily placed right under a tree, one does tend to have creepy hallucinations.

The overgrown garden with swings.

The overgrown garden with swings.

Between the two buildings in the compound there is a dirt area we like to call the “Sahara Desert”. Normally people go out there to enjoy the nice cool night weather (when you live in Karachi, its kind of hard to find) and sometimes some people go out there at 3 a.m. (there are nights sleep just evades us). So this particular story was told to us by one resident:

According to her, there walks outside the east wall of the building, a rural woman. Now the area outside the east wall is not established and its just a plain of dirt and bushes…with no life to be seen there. So, as the story goes, this woman came from a village, dressed all in white and wearing anklets (the one that make noise when you walk). She has white eyes (meaning no iris, or pupils…no eyeballs) and her feet are turned backward. In short, she is a demonic being (a female demon so to say…what we call in urdu a CHURAEL), as there hardly can be rural woman walking outside the building at such an ungodly hour. Apparently this lady walks outside the wall every night past midnight.

Now my roommate and I, we are not believers in such stuff. So we had fun when my roommate related this story to us. There is an old dance that is popular among the village heads in the Sub-continent called Mujra. It involves a lady wearing anklets with lots of bells attached to it called Ghungroo. She dances wearing them. So for us the Churael was in fact a joke and we decided to invite her in to show us that dance. We were having fun cracking jokes about it till our stomachs hurt. Our fun, however, was cut short when the power went off unexpectedly. It was creepy.

It was around 1 a.m and no one was up. We were sitting in my room and my curtains were open so we could see the overgrown garden and tree outside. The door to our place was open too. Hence, we suddenly had this chill creep through us as if something is massively wrong and we ran to shut all the door and draw all the curtains, which did make us feel better. It was kind of a fright.

The next night we were right back it and I was teasing my roommate about watching the mujra and inviting the Churael in when at that exact moment the power went off….again. Two night in a row the same thing happening is quite freaky. Yet, since we had our door locked and curtains drawn, we didn’t think much of it. We continued talking about the Churael till about 3 minutes later out UPS shut down.  That was strange because it was charging since the morning. Even then we didn’t make anything of it because it came back on about 30 seconds later. When we mentioned the churael again then, and the UPS went off again TWICE. To this my roommate remarked that: “Someone really wants us to stop talking about her”

We found out later it was nothing as another one of the residents was trying to switch on their UPS. But its been a week since that story and we made fun of it for three days. Around that time another story was told to us. We still aren’t believers and we think such things are stupid, yet still today at night if we are alone around 3 a.m. in our room or outside, we tend to look over our shoulders or outside the window because we get this creepy feeling that someone is coming towards us or watching us or one of us is passing by outside when we are actually inside in the toilet.

As I said, I am not a believer. I like ghost stories and enjoy them in fact, but when someone tells us a story with such belief and fervor, sometimes it does gets me paranoid. So for now I am just waiting for this paranoia to go off.

So keep the prayer (and comments) rolling in. Until next time. 😀


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