Bloody Spirit!!

Mood: Indescribable 😆
Song: If The World Crashes Down — Enrique Iglesia

I had another paper today, Linear Control Systems. It went quite good Alhamdollilah. Now I have circuit theory and I don’t know what I am going to do in 2 days. Anyways nothing is impossible. I am just happy that I have just three papers left. I am all set to go home and I am texting a long list to mom to stuff the fridge with all my favorite stuff. 😀 😆

Anyways, the title…well its kind of a reality. Now as I said before my roomie and I, we aren’t believers. So one day we were making fun of the churael again in front of our maid when she narrated this story to us:

Apparently long ago in our building, in the room shown in the picture below, there lived a man who was a drug junkie. To satisfy himsef, he used to borrow money and stuff from neighbors or friends to buy drugs. One night someone called him outside to “give him money”. The place was deserted but being a drug junkie he didn’t realise. That night he was murdered (by the same person who called him up) and brutally murdered. His body was hidden in the bushes nearby and discovered in the morning (next or few days later, I don’t recall).

Where the alleged spirit used to live

Where the alleged spirit used to live

The room at night

The room at night

The room at night (though its much darker)

The room at night (though its much darker)

So it is said that he waslks our compound sometimes, from his room through the Sahara Desert and just disappears…and that he doesn’t bother anyone.

Now the maid also told us that one lady in our biuding “witnessed” him going from his room to the desert. It was 3:00 am and the power was out. For us, it was just another ghost story. And the lady…well her credentials in the supernatural area aren’t exactly good.

The thing was that this and the churael story were told back-to-back. And just later, the curtain from the room was pulled back and left that was for almost 3 nights. Now for someone like me, who studies in the compound usually late at night (say 3 or 4 am, when the entire world is asleep), this was creepy. I was looking over my back that night because it was windy and the leaves were rustling. Moreover, it was autumn, so a slight breeze stirred a lot of them and they produced a lot of noise. On top of that, we have a lot of frogs in the garden so they were agitated that night. The atmosphere, it made me edgy.

Anyways, we call him the bloody spirit because it is said that it is covered in blood; which, by the way, didn’t stop us from making fun of it. We decided to invite the man in and ask him how he was, even decided to invite him to watch the mujra. 😆 We get crazy most of the times. I guess the spirits would be more scared of us which is probably the reson we aren’t scared of them so to say. 😆

Anyways so thats the spirit story so far. But more keep popping up from time to time. So if any pops up soon, just expect it to be here. Until then.



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