Irresponsibe To Responsible…?

Mood: Tired and Stressed 😯

Last night my roommate and I talked a lot. We have this habit of talking throughout the night non-stop and we usually do bring up the point that our being roomies is actually a blessing because most people do not find this type of companionship. 😎 Generally in our discussion we cover everything between the East and West and also around it and normally these types of “discussions” are brought on by some stimulus one of us experienced. However, it was bad timing last night because I have my Circuit Theory exam tomorrow and I didn’t even open the book yet. Perhaps the reason for that is the extreme boredom I am experiencing from the past one month of examinations. 😡 I am just sick of exams and yet I have two more to go. 👿

So about two days ago, my roomie gave USB, one of her favorite possessions, to one of the other residents with special instructions not to lose it. Last night my roomie barged into the room well past her limit of handling stupidity. The reason: That person “lost” the USB in the NED computer lab. Now isn’t that just great. First you take someone’s belonging and then you show the responsibility of a four-year-old…just awesome!!

Anyways my roomie was enraged as expected and wanted the worth back of her USB. Her “anger-vent” in turn led us to spend our whole night chatting without bothering to study. So here I am at 9:30 am updating before I return to study.

I spent the time before the three-hour chat making my Software Engineering project. I am tired an annoyed of programming. People don’t believe me but its true when I say I am NOT AT ALL interested in anything that has to do with making softwares. Now hardware and interfacing…that’s more to my liking. Still I have to do projects for my courses…and bear with them (I still don’t have to like them though). I am stuck at one point where I don’t know how to proceed and that actually is the only thing that remains…and it also is the major part. I am tired!!

Moving on, I like good songs with me when I have to solve mathematical subjects like circuit theory. Yet I am unable to find a good “rocking” song in my music collection…I am in a dire need of update. Plus I am hungry…way too hungry so I don’t think I will be able to concentrate.

Anyways time comes when you are supposed to do stuff you don’t like. As they say: C’est La Vie. Here I go back to study bored, exhausted, hungry and cranky (I just can’t wait until I am back home). Until we meet again…

Chill!! 😆


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