Supernatural 0409

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Phew!! What a…week? I am already two days behind in my update and already so much has happened! Ah where should I begin?! Anyways so in this blog I will basically discuss about the new supernatural episode: I know what you did last summer.

Episode 0409 was not one of my favorites. There were so many things in there that were not to my liking. And I have been reading a few blogs here and there and many people seem to agree with me. First of all, I think Ruby is playing the boys. I find it hard to believe that a demon is helping the boys just because she remembers “what its like to be human”. I mean c’mon. What does she think she can accomplish out of it, become human again because there will always be demons out in the world and then she should help the boys vanquish all of them.

Next there was the part that just because Ruby saved his life twice or thrice, Sam is ready to consider her friend…and so is Dean. I mean seriously, Sam can be very easily manipulated, so I understand why he is ready to believe her but Dean? Ok so he just thanked her for Sam but he shouldn’t really believe her?! And then there was the Sam-Ruby hook up. That just pushed me over the edge…SERIOUSLY!!! What the hell was that ❓ C’mon Sam!!

My roomie and I have been coming up with theories about the show (because the show is getting really predictable). So in the end we think that Sam is going to turn evil (as much as I hope that he doesn’t because I like the boys chemistry). Somehow we feel that in the end the boys will face each other in war (I so don’t want that to happen). I like the good Sam with a big conscience and an ever bigger heart and his undying belief in God and all things good. Ok so yeah he has a right to be a cynic because of all that happened but still at least the God part should still stay now that its clear that there exists one. Because thats the main thing that makes the show interesting: Sam has faith and Dean doesn’t (which is precisely why I didn’t like the Samhain episode “This is what I’ve been praying to?”).

Moreover there is the fact that Sam keeps using his abilities when he is told not to. Why doesn’t he understand the fact that that he can get addicted and eventually may turn to the dark side? Which brings me back to Ruby. I wonder who she is working for because I don’t believe for one second that she would be helping the boys just out of the goodness of her heart (which by the way she doesn’t have…recall demons). Plus there is the point that Lilith brought Ruby back which is a big point to ponder (spy maybe for Lilith, showing her good side, getting close to the boys, controlling Sam…there are many possibilities).

Then we changed our theory (as my roomie so graciously reminded me right now :-p). We think that the only reason Sam is a good (on the right path) and hasn’t taken up his position as Azazel wanted him to do is because of the (hidden conscience) Dean. So we believe that in the end Dean would step up to his leadership of the angel army and little Sammy would be his right hand.

Coming back to 0409, the only thing good in this episode was the last scene where, when we were expecting demons, came in Castiel and Uriel. I do love Castiel’s attitude…woah!!! That was the good part. And then there were their orders to kill Anna. I think that’s a wise choice since Anna is a liability to the good side (recall angel radio tuner).

So anyways, overall, I didn’t like Sam’s choices when Dean was in Hell. I don’t trust Ruby. And I am annoyed at Sam whenever he is too eager to use his powers. Oh and I like Castiel’s attitude :p (though I don’t like Uriel, he’s too harsh for an angel). I used to like the boy’s attitude too, but I think they lost it. Except for Sam in 0408 when he enters Lucky Chins with the hammer…that was good.

Ok…so maybe the rest of the Supernatural info (which my roomie is providing me) should be kept for the next update. I just hope that 0410 is better. Until then.



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