A Journey To Remember

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Well its not exactly a long journey but a short traveling experience. This happened back on Friday, 14th November 2008. My friend and I had to go to her home and make lots of stops in between. Since it was the 2nd day after the exams I was feeling pretty ok…I mean the side effects of the exams weren’t that “strong”. Anyways so we had decided we will leave by 9 am but by the time we got up and dressed it was already 10. Yet we left my home at 10.30. My friend had to make a stop first to help another friend of hers so in actuality we started our trip at 11.00 am.

We went out to the main street and saw this new CNG rickshaw (which are quite spacious) and we definitely wanted to hire that. But my friend also needed some electronic components so we had to cross the road. We did and we found the shop was closed. There was another old rickshaw standing by on that side of the road but we were so bent up on hiring the new one that we ignored it. It was quite unlikely that the other rickshaw would make a turn to come for us but as fate would have it, it did and we hired it. For a new rickshaw it was pretty slow and I think the driver had a horn fetish or something because he kept on honking it even when the way was clear 😕 .

Anyway in half an hour we reached Saddar, our first stop. But he took us to saddar passing us along a residential area which was quite unnecessary. It seemed like he took us through a village as that area wasn’t that well developed (it seemed more like a bakra mandi, a goat market, 😯 ). To this day we didn’t even know that was a route to Saddar (we usually prefer the more direct route). Anyways we had to go to the State Life building and we had to cross two traffic lights for that. Now Saddar is a very crowded area so on the first traffic signal somehow or the other our rickshaw driver managed to cause an accident. The driver of the van which was struck on its side-view mirror (which apparently broke though it didn’t look like it) was pretty pissed and he “ordered” the driver to get out and an argument ensued. However, it lasted about 5-10 minutes before we were on our way. We were annoyed. 😡

On the next traffic light we found out that our driver was careless enough to go the wrong way on a one-way street. So he got fined and he blamed the traffic officer for that. At first we didn’t realize it so we thought the officer was taking a bribe or something (its quite common here). We were fuming. 👿

Moving on he didn’t know where state life building was so we asked for directions and found out that it was in the opposite direction and that we couldn’t enter because it was a one-way lane. So we hiked to the building where they checked our IDs (quite unusual apparently). Then we moved to KESC building where my friend had some business to attend to. Now we moved to the 2nd floor (by the stairs since the elevators aren’t to be trusted) only to find that the department had shifted to the 5th floor. That was our next stop on foot. Then came the bad news, her work hadn’t been done and our trip was a waste of time. So we went back to the rickshaw to continue our journey and that’s when we realized that the fine (see above) was our driver’s fault.

We went on our way to Clifton (my friend’s place) when all of a sudden there was some sort of problem in the rickshaw’s wheel or clutch. So we made a stop until the guy fixed it. We went about 10-20 feet ahead when the problem reoccurred. This happened twice or thrice until we reached our destination. During this time, something got into my eye and it hurt a lot so I had to close my left eye. So we had to make a detour to a general store to buy some water which my friend threw on my face when I told her to wash my eye with it. I guess she thought that’s how you wash an eye 😛 . Anyways, my eye didn’t feel any better. We then went to the bank and then since my eye hurt a lot, we went to my friend’s home instead of following our usual stop plan. That’s when the day turned from bad to worse. 😯

Apparently someone in her home, when leaving, left a tap open and the whole house was flooded. The house was closed for so long the water stank. Moreover, her room was flooded, all wet, smelly and well a haven for fungi. Another carpet of hers was drenched in stale water and had a mold underneath it. So we had to arrange for people to help us clear it out but as time passed there was no sign of them. Hence, my friend took it upon her self to clean up her whole house. This happened around 1.00pm. We left after cleaning up the entire house, tired and exhausted (my friend more that me since I didn’t do anything but I didn’t have a good night’s sleep) at 7.00pm. We found a rickshaw and headed back to my place, praying all the while that our bad luck doesn’t kick in. It didn’t but it did give us a scare twice on our trip back. That basically happened as soon as my friend wished that our bad luck doesn’t kick in. At that moment, the rickshaw stopped in the middle of the road and we freaked out. 😯 Even the rickshaw driver got confused and the cars behing us started honking. But thank God nothing was actually wrong.

The day was…unforgettable and easily summed up by my friend as “All that glitter is not gold”. Truly. To me it felt like another proof of Murphy’s Law. 😕 😀

Coming back to the present, I just washed my blanket today and now it will take more than a day to dry (since winter is already here). At least it won’t smell like dust and crap anymore.

Anyways one more story to go until I am up to date. Until next time. Take Care.

Au Revoir. 😎



  1. You know, as I was reading this I suddenly felt very homesick. The smell of water (our washing machine used to overflow regularly), and Clifton on a rainy day (which lets face it – rarely happens), the drives in rickshaws (you should have put a picture up for those of us who only remember the old ones). I think the rickshaw got me the most. I mean Saddar has changed a lot since I was younger, it barely looks the same anymore – of course the same could be said for all of Karachi. But rarely am I able to feel that intense regret of my youth gone past as i did when I read your post. Thank you for reminding me of things I had forgotten about my life.


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