Travel Day

Location: Jinnah Terminal, Karachi

So here I am sitting in the Jinnah Terminal boarding lounge waiting to board my plane. I still have two hours to kill and I don’t know how to do that. I have a book with me (Timeline, Michael Chricton) but I don’t feel like reading it yet. Anyways, my exams finished yesterday and boy am I relieved. Now the long wait for results starts with lots of prayers to the day. I guess this is the time when students’ remembrance for God is maximum.

My project vivas went awesome. Everyone appreciated my effort. Of course I was alone and I had to make a working project. Also my viva was quite easy because its quite obvious who made the project. Anyways now that I am waiting for my results, I need everyone’s prayers. I just hope that my result is good.

Anyways I watched the last episode of Supernatural (for 2008) and I didn’t find anything interesting in it. It was boring what with Anna turning out to be an angel. And Anna and Dean…not necessary…seriously. It was as if the writers are having a writer’s block or something. Even the angel demon fight wasn’t what I expected…I mean they fought like humans…no flying off with the shake of a hand…ya know whatever demons do. So it was pretty disappointing…and I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that Dean turned into one of the things he hated most. Yeah…yeah Ok, so he held out for more than 30 years and its damn hard in Hell…but c’mon didn’t Dean have enough problems already that now he has to deal with this. And what if Castiel hadn’t saved him, would he have turned into a demon…thats really bad news.

So I have a long travel ahead. I have to go to Dubai first after about 1.5 hours and then have to stay there for almost 2 hours before I can proceed to Riyadh. My N80 was broken in August or something so I don’t even have a potable  music player with me (my mp3 is also not working). Its annoying. I just hope they put up a good movie in the plane else I will be bored out of my wits.

I watched Kung Fu Panda and Alvin and the Chipmunks last night. Kung Fu Panda is awesome…Jack Black does it again (i really like him in animations). Alvin was…well the chipmunks were cute but other than that it doesn’t receive a good rating from me. The print for Wall.E is awful so I am really annoyed. Moreover, when I went to the CD shop i found this DVD for exorcist but it was something else inside (a documentary about spiders and ants or something). So I figured that I am probably not destined to watch Exorcist. Pity because I really wanted to watch it.

Anyways, chewing gum is bad because now I am hungry so i should probably get something to eat. Until Dubai I guess or maybe Riyadh. Signing off from Jinnah Terminal Karachi.

Take Care 😎

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