Location: Riyadh

Yay!! Back home…there’s nothing better. Well actually I arrived home back on Nov 27 but then I found out that my keyboard was broken and I had to make do with the on-screen  keyboard. So I figured that using the on-screen keyboard to updat my blog isn’t exactly a good idea (using the on-screen keyboard isn’t a walk in the park either). Anyways that all ended today when dad got me a wireless keyboard (sqeee).

Ahem…anyways…being home is fun…yahooo!!! And I am at a total loss for words. I don’t really have anyting much to do right now…in home I mean so I spend my time playing games and watching movies. In fact step up might be on after an hour or so… still I feel like sitting it out playing games.

I am upgrading my computer so the first RAM that I tested didn’t work. So I’ve sent dad to exchange it. I feel guilty…I mean dad’s pretty weak and sick now…he’s pretty tired. Ufff…I feel really guilty. I love him dearly.

I say Get Smart in the plane…its not memorable…kind of stupid though. I didn’t figure out what was so funny about it? Overall my journey was good. I came out pretty soon and was home in no time.

Still awaiting my results. Desperately hoping they are good. Fingers crossed.

Until a better updat. Take Care.

Chill 😎


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