From A Group To Team

Mood: Annoyed 👿

Its awfully annoying when people suddenly decide that what they initially thought was a good idea is no longer a good idea. I have had quite a bit of experience in it and it pretty much annoys me.

So here’s what happened. About two months back, I talked to some friends of mine about this project we are supposed to make and a day later it was decided that “yeah its a good idea and we’re all in this together”. So now when I questioned them again if they are ready, they decided to inform me (after a week’s wait) that its not a good choice for them career-wise. Don’t get me wrong; I am not angry because they think they can leave so easily (though it is a good point against them yet nothing was really decided because we did not send in the proposal), I am just annoyed because they could have had the decency to inform me sooner so that I could have got to work to make other arrangements. Even now, although its not last moment, I am still having trouble making other arrangements because most of the people are not interested in what I intend to select as my project.

It really infuriates me actually when people come up to me at the last moment and say: Ya know what, we figured this other thing is a much better idea so we’re leaving you at the last moment to fend for yourself. Well they don’t really say it so many words but that’s kind of the gist of it. DUDE! What do you think a team means?!

Anyways this is not the first time this thing happened. It happened to me back in Feb or March too when my group-mates backed out on me. So in the end you really don’t feel like taking up someone in your group just to save yourself from this kind of trouble. I mean it does waste a lot of your time when at the last moment your run around trying to find people to actually join you in your venture.

Most of my teachers often ask me why am I such a loner that I prefer to do all my projects alone. At times like these I am very tempted to reply: Give me a team and I’ll gladly work with them. But a group, that wastes a lot of my time.

Ah well, now I am back on the team-hunt trying to make a team from 3000 miles away with technology that pretty much proves to be useless. Most of the people that I am trying to contact are either out of “cell-credit”, do not have an active internet connection or simply have cellphonephobia. This does not exactly make my job easy. Well I’m still trying…lets see what happens.

Take care people.

Chill 😎


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