I am naturally a right-handed but lefties have always awed me. What can I say rarity charms me. So I have always wanted to be able to write with my left hand. I have tried loads of times…but never really succeeded in keeping it up until now.

I have been searching out some websites that give tips on how to become ambidextrous. And I have started acting on those tips… 😀

I have started the kindergarten technique of writing each alphabet separately and I have reached till H (block). However, instead of using the advised four-lined sheet I am using the Arabic single-lined sheet. I am better able to hold the pencil in my hand now and my speed is increasing too. I just have to keep up at it until I am ready to give my exams with my left hand 😎

Anyways, also I used the mouse with my left hand and brushed my teeth with it today. It was awkward and hard but as the tips went, I have to exercise my left-hand muscles to be completely at ease with it. Hopefully, I will be soon.

It comes quite easily to me since I have kept my left hand in regular use. Also, there have been times when I have eaten or drank with my left hand…especially when using the computer. So it is not that awkward for me to be using my left hand. Straining and tiring though.

Anyways, I will keep you updated on my journey to become ambidextrous. I have achieved today’s target though of typing spaces in this entire post using my left thumb.

Until next time.

Ciao 😎


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  1. Funny… I am left-handed, but do almost everything BUT write and eat with my right hand. My teachers would see me using my left hand to write or draw and would hand me the ‘lefty’ scissors… I could never use them. I’ve often thought about trying to learn to write with my right hand…


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