Dear Dad!

I love Dad…he’s my hero. The greatest person in the whole wide world. And today my dad made me the happiest kid in the whole wide world. If I had known that all my sour mood and stress would go away as simply as this I would have done this a long time ago.

My dad looked at all the research I’ve been doing for my FYP today and really appreciated it. He even discussed a few idea with me and told me that if I pull this off all alone, I will get major credit. My dad always supported me and just hearing those words from him and him knowing how tough the project is and believing in me and supporting me…every stress and worry just vanished!

Then I found out that my uni opens on 5th rather than 2nd as previously scheduled…which is a relief even though I will be late with my registration. So the schedule will now be:

05th — Off
06th — Classes
07th — Off
08th — Off
09th — Classes
10th — Classes
11th — Sunday

Hmmm…weird. Anyways…take care everyone.

Have a fun filled new year!!



  1. Congrats to you, you are lucky to have a dad that supports you and encourages you in what you are doing. What a great way to start the new year with a positive outlook and loved ones in your corner. Im happy for you!


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