New Year…New Beginnings

Well here is News Flash off to a new start. There are a few reasons this has come to pass. Foremost of them all is the fact that orphicden for a blog name seemed kind of ridiculous and the blog didn’t match the name. No doubt it was a den but it was boring. I was thinking about changing the name for a long time but didn’t do it because of the “starting fresh” problems.

I was modifying the blog and adding widgets when I found out some of the widgets don’t work. So I started snooping around finding out why they don’t and what can I do to make them work (although I wish would let us use flash widgets…there are some very good ones out there). That is when I found out about exporting and importing and thought that this might be the chance to rename my blog to something that fits it 😀

So I did. And here it is: RCF’s Universe. RCFU. With a new layout, fancy widgets and a whole lot more fun 😛

One thing I am going to miss about News Flash is the fact that it was regularly being referred to by which led to a huge “meteor shower” 😛  I just wish RCF’s Universe is referred by them this often. Its kind of sad (and hard) leaving behind a horde of meteors…but then a fresh start is always hard. 🙂

So stay tuned. Drop me a comment or a message 😎 and I will see you all pretty soon.

And for blog surfing check out:

Take care.

Bonne Nuit.


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