What’s The Rush?!!

January 05, 2009: University Reopens
January 06, 2009: BE classes commence (Monday is FYP holiday)
January 08, 2009: I reach back in town
January 09, 2009: I register for BE
January 10, 2009: I attend my first class

Its a simple schedule. Normally university gives us about 2 week after reopening to get out registration done. This year they want us to get registered by January 03, 2009. 😮

Ok…I am fine with that. Maybe they want to speed up administration. No problem. Then our department wants us to register for electives on January 05th, 2009. THIS is a bit tough to digest.

Here’s how it goes. After university opens, we get about a week in which we are introduced to the electives…given some basic information about them and so on. This year they are skipping all that to get us registered into just any elective…WHY?

I asked one of my teachers before going for vacations about what time they will ask us for our selection and he told me January 15, 2009. So I was relieved. Just half an hour ago, my friend informs me that we are to submit our electives on January 5th…and I wonder WHAT IS THE RUSH?!!

This sort of information is not given on websites. We have to go and find out from the department itself. And we are basically relying on the Telephone effect…that is because one person knows and its his/her responsibility to forward the information. However,  most of the people won’t be there on 5th. Its an official holiday for the BE students…it doesn’t make sense to keep the elective registration that day!

Anyways what can we say about how they work. I just hope they give us two weeks at least to get our FYP registration done. I have to search for an external and that is the toughest part of FYP selection…selecting the external. As for robotics, I highly doubt there will be many externals so  I probably have to select someone from the education sector because I highly doubt that there are many companies in Pakistan that are working on Robotics right now. 😦

My interests!! 😦

So I have to struggle a lot for myself and find an external that will help me out in the project…I have one person in mind…and another company that was introduced to us. May be I can get an external from there…lets see.

BE seems so stressing already…and I have one whole year to go!! 😦

Take care.

Ciao 🙂

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