So I was wrong again. We were informed about the last dates for registration via e-mail and we were given information about the different electives. We were also told that seats will be given in the order determined by combining our merit and request order. I just hope my friend gives my request in time so that I will get my desired elective. Fingers crossed.

We are getting project proposals from different companies and some of the project seem really interesting. The thing is that I am a one-member group and for me to undertake any of those projects is a big risk. Then again the project I have decided on isn’t a small risk either. I just hope I am making the right decision and that I will design my project according to the idea I have and hopefully it will be a working model.

I am so stressed already about how this year will go. I have major plans but everything seems so bleak now. I am apprehensive about so many things and that is why I want to go and get over with this year. Yet another part of me doesn’t want to leave home.

So far the only encouragement I have to ease my fears is from my dad. I do love my parents so much (they are precisely the reason I don’t want to leave home). Anyways, I have to do this as well. I just hope everything goes well InshaAllah and according to plans…InshaAllah.

Ya Allah please help me in these troubled times of mine; and please help everyone else in need and ease our fears and our troubles and please grant us mental peace. Ameen.



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