Back In Action!

So I am in Karachi and got some stuff done. Hence I am a bit relieved. I submitted my admission fee today. It was a funny incident since I first went to the bank and they said that the form will be available from respective departments. Then I went to my department administration and got the form and they said that the fee is Rs. 11,200 and late fee is Rs. 100. They also told me that the voucher will be available from the bank.

Hence I made another long trip to the bank only to find that the voucher will be available from the stationery shop. Lucky for me it was right next to the bank. I stood there in the shop and filled the form and the money voucher. Then when I actually paid the fee, the bank clerk informed me that the fee with the late fee is Rs. 11,200. I said ok, but the department told me that it is 11,300. But the clerk was a nice guy and he deducted just Rs. 11,200. (Who knows maybe it was my mistake). Then I made my way back to the department and submitted my form. So now I am finally admitted in to university.

Later I searched out my teachers to ask about my electives and FYP. I did and they said that I have a pretty good chance of getting my elective…I am happy. But they also said that I must have at least one other person in the group. That is kind of bad since no one is interested in doing a robotics project with me….lets see.

I also got my transcript today. I got pretty good mark…I mean they are average…but some subject I got really good marks. Then there are also subjects in which I expected good marks but didn’t get what I expected. And then there is one practical where the teacher just gave my passing marks…literally. Just 8 marks in the practical when I am very sure that my practical went very good. Anyways what can I say to that.

Tomorrow is looking hopeful. I played Red Alert 2 again today. I also tried to play Red Alert 3 but it won’t work as expected. Anyways, I am still waiting until I can get Worldcall EvDO so I can get some serious stuff done.

I am relaxed and relieved. See you soon.



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