Tourism In Pakistan

I was going to my cousin’s place in Clifton yesterday and I took the usual route through Saddar. During my brief journey, I passed by the ever famous Frere Hall of Karachi and it made me think about Pakistani Tourism. Frere Hall is one of the best tourism sites we have in Karachi. However it is closed to public due to security reasons as the American Embassy is right in front it. This is saddening since being an avid tourist (though have never really traveled anywhere) I would love to see something of the old Karachi. My aunt who was travelling with me recalled about the old days when she used to play by the Frere Hall and I would like to see other little kids and awed-eyed teenagers view the heritage passed on to us through generations.

Frere Hall or Karachi is perhaps not the best tourism site in Pakistan. The northern areas are known for their serene beauty and naturalism yet they are not promoted for tourism. Muree, Swat, Bhurban, even some areas of Lahore and many more are some of the best places to visit in Pakistan. Although I have not personally visited them (which I am hoping to change this summer), I have either read, heard or viewed them on tv and have aways harbored a desire to visit them myself someday.

One of the most famous places to visit in Pakistan is perhaps the Kaghan valley and Said-ul-Muluk river (Jheel Saif-ul-Muluk). The legend associated with this place is about a prince who was warned against staying by the river bank at night since fairies roamed that place. However he was awed by the place and slept there and when he woke up, it was night time. I am a bit rusty on this legend, but in the end it was that he was never seen or heard from again. And to this day, the legend goes that anyone who stays there at night is never heard from again. I read about this legend back in 7th grade (I think) and I’ve always wanted to visit it…but so far have been unsuccessful. Yet, I’ve friends who did visit it and they all related to me its beauty and perfection.

With many places like this spread over Pakistan, it is very surprising that the government is not taking steps to promote tourism in Pakistan. If it does, I believe that Pakistan can generate its major revenue just from this area. Pakistan has a very rich culture that has been kept very private for very long. It is about time to bring it to the front, to show the entire world what Pakistan truly represents and to awe the entire world by the exotic beauty hidden in this young country.



  1. Well, the government does have much more important things to do…here it has to maintain peace in the area and build defense. But on the sidelines, it has to maintain someway to balance the country’s expenses and keep a good economy. I think tourism is just one way of doing that.


  2. It’s no surprising at all. Here, In Romania, an european country, there are very many places to visit: beautuful places, wild places, historical. We have the greatest delta in Europe, one of the longest caves in the world (over 56 km), and many, many others. But government has other things to do, not to promote tourism: to maintain the power and to became rich. Is that something that remembers your country?
    Best regards, Dan,


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