Respect Is Outdated?!!

Where I live we have to share a toilet among a few people…one of the drawbacks of the area I live in my compound. Now there have been some new peope with whom we have to share our toilet (and its one of those two way toilets…you know with two doors). So we often have to go over to them to tell them to unlock the toilet door so we can use it and sometimes at 3 a.m. We feel sort of guilty waking them up in the middle of the night…but what can we do? We do have to use the bathroom.

So we thought of a solution last night i.e. to write a notice on the bathroom door to unlock ours before leaving. We made it into a sort of advertisement something like this:

Have you unlocked the door beside you?
….. No?
Then unlock it it!!! Please

We thought it was funny and a good way to send a reminder. The following was posted above it later last night.

Have you shut the Supernatural door?
No? Then shut it quickly!!!
Picking a fight is not good!!!

My room-mate and I are still scratching our heads over what the first sentence meant. But whats more annoying is the fact that the people who wrote this are younger than us and it is in fact them who are trying to pick a fight. Rather than trying to understand the actual message they are trying to attack us on the fact that we enjoy the TV show Supernatural…which makes no sense.

Moreover, there is the fact that they are junior to us and are supposed to maintain a level of respect and authority…which they are not doing. It is as my room-mate said…they are representing their family. The girl next door, who wrote the above, is in fact annoying trying to brag about things which we admire in others. There have been people around us we have admired for their work or projects they have undertaken and she always comes up with something starting with “I have done that too”. And that is not just me talking, everyone else int he buiding has also noted it. Plus she tries to butt in to any conversation we are having with anyone when it does not concern her…regardless of how badly we are ignoring her. Some people just don’t take the hints.

Hence the post. Do they think respect is out-dated? There have been seniors and still are who annoy the hell out of me. But I do not disrespect them out right. Rather I hold my peace and try to diffuse the situation…because that is what I have been told to do unless the other person is getting way to personal. Violence never solved anything…don’t these people know that? :S

Anyways…lets see what we come up to deal with her.

Meanwhile, pay a little visit to Alphainventions at to check out more blogs of people all over the word.

Until next time. Take good care of yourself.


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