Week…end Review?

Its been sometime since I posted anything. It hasn’t exactly been busy. Rather I have been attracted (and entranced) by other things…oooh shiny!! 😛 Anyways, I got Worldcall EvDO, the high speed internet service currently only available in Karachi. It is working good…at least for me. I don’t know if I already mentioned this but I am doing it again. Its a good package, 24 hour connectivity and unlimited volume. So I have internet mania right now. Any one out there thinking of purchasing Worldcall EvDO has a thumbs-up from. On a side note, just purchase it if you can justify the Rs. 1800/month cost.

One thing with unlimited internet, for me at least, mean unlimited fullfillment of my addictions namely facebook and youtube. Plus other things such as robotic research, online course materail etc. etc. which is exactly what has kept me blogging recently. I saw the axis of evil comedy tour about an year back or so and I thought to myself I got to see more of that. But what always stopped me was the fact that my internet service took hours to stream a youtube video. Now its all instantaneous to say. So I have been searching for online Science videos, MIT courseware and other technical stuff you can find. Moreover, I have been searching for Maz Jobrani and Ahmed Ahmed’s video clips. These are two of the best comedians on the Middle East. I just can’t stop laughing at their jokes. So do check them out at:


Search for Maz Jobrani, Ahmed Ahmed.

I have also been watching movies. I saw I am Legend and Hancock and I didn’t understand what all the hype was about. They weren’t exactly some of Will Smith’s best movies. I did, however, find I am Legend strangely interesting after I got over the fact that it looked like a Will Smith remake of Dawn of the Dead. 😦 I also saw Rock’n’Rolla and found it quite boring…and confusing. It was pointless, in short. I am getting ready to watch Max Payne. I hope its worth its hype otherwise I don’t exactly like wasting two hours of my day (an already short day!).

Although I am a few days late, I didn’t find this weeks Supernatural anything exciting. Sam is annoying me day after day what with trusting Ruby and using his powers over and over when warned not to. I will hate to see the brothers against each other. Also I found Dean’s humor missing. I get it, so he went to Hell and did stuff he didn’t want to. But should he moan about it ALL the time? Its just a TV show…I don’t watch it to hear someone else moaning about how bad his life was in Hell too. :S

Anyways, I am also watching Heroes and I don’t really understand what is going on. I am still on Season 1 but it is really confusing :S. I hope it does make sense by thee end of Season or sooner hopefully.

I am enjoying this year at uni…as of yet at least. Its fun and free. I get more time to enjoy and so I am refreshed too most of the time. Plus I have been working on my FYP or reading up on it at least. There is this book I am reading, Robotics Demystifyed by Edwin Wise, and most of the material in it is all about what I already know. So I am slow in getting through it because who wants to read the material they already know? But I have to since if I don’t then I won’t be able to read the rest of the book. (I have OCD i guess).

I also got a FYP group. Alhamdollilah. It was kind of funny since when I was looking for people no one was there. And as soon as I stopped, Allah sent me three people so now I have a group of 4. Alhamdollilah. Even my teacher was surprised when I was giving the proposal since I had already talked to him and asked him permission to allow me to do the FYP alone. I told him that I asked everyone and no one was interested. He told me to wait…and within a week…Viola. I have a group. 😎

So far thats what has been going on. I hope I get to update soon. Until next time.

Take care. Ciao.


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