Long Weekend

There is nothing much to say at this moment. Life is going pretty smooth Alhamdollilah. I have a long weekend this time: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I was hoping that my friend would bring Prison Break (all seasons) so that I have something to watch this weekend. But it could not be arranged.

I spent this weekend just wasting my time either on YouTube or catching up on Heroes if it were downloaded. But its taking sometime to download. Anyways, I am about to finish off season 1.

An event did happen this past week. We got a new cat in our compound…actually a kitten. It was pure black with white on its underside. We named it BlackBerry. It was an innocent little thing. Staying with us. We even made a tent for it as a temporary home 😛 But apparently some people complained that it was disturbing them when it was actually with us. So one of the maids who works here put it in a bag and threw it away. We were upset and angry. After such a long time we found a cat who was actually nice and playful and even that one was thrown away. But that was after we guaranteed that we would take care of it and it won’t disturb anyone. So obviously we were doubly irked. 👿

Anyways, I have a few sites listed that I really liked and today I would like to share them with you:

Top 10 Real Life Lessons Learned from Video Games:

I wonder how clinophobic people sleep 😛

Anyways, enjoy the above. And Take Care 😎


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  1. I added a new category, “arh. projects-animation”, in which I made the link to another blog; there are six posts bringing out three country houses; it’s a simulated shooting. The resolution, of course, is not that of the original DVD such as I present to my customers.
    The size of the folder coerced me to divide it in six parts.
    You can see them all scrolling in that blog.
    The links are:
    or access the first from my site and scroll.
    Regards, Dan, http://danmihalache.wordpress.com


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