A Trip To Arena

The class had a planned trip to Arena yesterday. We left after university at 2.00pm and arrived back at 6.30pm. Arena is a really fun place to pass time and enjoy.

We started off by bowling and I pretty much sucked at it. Then went on to play pool and that was good. I at least learned how to properly hold a queue stick and now I want to go again. Then we had lunch and were on our way back.

Many people are unsure about the cost of Arena but it is not all that expensive. The entry fee is Rs. 300 and you get a coupon there. You can utilize that coupon in games or in food. Say, for instance, you want to ice skate for Rs. 500, then you can use the coupon with Rs. 200 cash to do it. The prices for some of the games are given below:

Bowling: Rs. 300 per game
Pool: Rs. 75 per table (per game)
Rock Climbing: Rs. 250-350
Ice Skating: Rs 500 for 30 mins (if no membership)

Plus they have a video game section but we didn’t go there except for taking pictures.

So next time you plan a trip, keep Arena in mind. 😀



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