Spring Festival

Its been a long time since I posted. Basically because I was busy playing games. 😛 And although I am about a week posting this up…but better late than never right? 😀

So about a week back, on February 26th, 2009, NED University organized a spring festival and it went remarkably well. The participation was very good. Many people put up good stalls ranging from food to games to art or clothing. I guess the most famous ones were either the food or game stalls. Some of the stalls I visited were Contract Jailers (where you can fulfil your dream of seeing your friend imprisoned :P), a gola ganda stall, an ice cream stall, a secret dedication stall (with flowers and chocolates), a Pan shop and many more. Students participated actively in the event to make it a success.

There were even surprise guests in the event. Mani and Azfar paid a visit to the university for the first time after a quite distateful experience about three years back. They hosted a singing competition (NED Idol 2009) and were the judges for the competition. Moreover we discovered some really talented singers in the university.  Later on, when it was time for them to take their leave, they were asked how this experience proved to be and they gave positive remarks stating that it was a big change from their previous trip.

Near the end of the event, an upcoming band Zeest was invited to perform and they left the crowd in awe. Their work is aimed at the youth and their songs reflect the experience the youth is going through at this moment. You can get more information about them and demos of their songs at:


However, the standing ovation goes to the organizers who made the event possible and successful. Arrangements for this event were started in January 2009 and all their hard work paid off. Hats off to the organizers for providing all NEDIANS with an opportunity of enjoyment in their tough and monotonous schedule.

Until next time…:cool:


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