New Arrivals!!

There is a really annoying (but adorable) cat in my compound.  Annoying because once it finds out that you are not afraid of it and find it rather cute, it would not leave you alone. It will keep meowing outside your door in a loud, annoying tone and if you ever decide to step out, it would not let you walk! But that is just because it is usually hungry and we never have anything to give it. The cutest part, however, is whenever you step outside it will literally drop on your feet…sometimes so hard that you are bound to think that it hurt itself. But it is a cat so…

Anyways, about a week ago it gave birth and people in the compound found out where. So I especially make one a day trip to it place just to check on the wee ones. I am waiting for the day when those adorable little things would grow up so I can have one. (I already have one booked, its black :P). Still, I am waiting for them to come out so that I can start naming them. One will definitely be called ChiChu.

Anyways, here are some photos I shot and a few videos of them. So tell me what you think and do suggest some names.

Cheers 😎


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