07 Reasons You Annoy Me

University era, in one’s life, is the path of self discovery, trials and triumphs. In the four years since my high school graduation, I have met different people and had numerous experiences. And in all those, I have discovered exactly what actions annoy me the most. So here are the top seven reasons people annoy me:

1. You talk too much.
I have met many people who talk incessantly without even stopping to take a breath; or so it seems to me. If you are talking to me and I do not respond, or I am busy doing something, then stop talking. I am not interested in what you have to say. So, take a hint and go away.

2. Stop prying!
What I do is none of your business. So, stop asking me if I did, or will do, something if it is irrelevant to the topic at hand. And stop inquiring about my personal matters, they are not your concern!

3. Stop repeating yourself!
If you disapprove of my personal likes, or dislikes, and you have mentioned your disapproval to me already, then do not do it again. I heard you the first time, so if you say it now, it is just going to annoy me. You do not like what I do? Deal with it. Stop condescending me over and over again.

4. I don’t want to know what he (or she) did and why.
What people do is their personal matter. So do not tell me what they did and especially why YOU think they did it. They have a reason for making the choices they do and you are none the wiser. So, stop gossiping and pay attention to your life for a change!

5. You do not own the pathway.
If you want to go on leisurely stroll with your friends, go to a park. Do not take up the precious little space in the corridors and walk at a snail’s pace. People going through the corridor are actually in a hurry and you just block their way. If you are unable to find a park nearby, at least take your stroll in the corner not in the very center of the corridor.

6. Break up your pack in the corridor.
I get it. You are five fast friends that always do everything together. But when you are walking down the corridor, do not walk side by side. First of all, I doubt it that the person in one corner can hear what the person in the other corner is saying. Secondly, you are blocking the entire corridor! So break up in to groups of two and let other people go on their way!

7. Answer to the point!
When I ask you a question, it means I have the required pre-requisites. So do not give me the history, the future plans or even alternative solutions. Just answer the question and IF I have any further queries, then I will ask you. Moreover, do not start recounting your experience of my question. You are just wasting your time and mine. So, just answer the question and we will both be on our way.



  1. I really like the points you’ve posted but if only people would listen. Good that you’re honest about the habits that really annoy you. By the way have you ever said this to anyone on their face?


    • not in so many words no…though I do tend to get aggressive sometimes and say somethings to people. Like if they are bothering me with personal questions or something or objecting on an interest of mine.

      I don’t directly say this but I give a very rude answer…so…:D


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