To Win Or Not To Win…

…that is the question. Quoting a very cliched statement: Winning isn’t everything. Yet why is it that so many people put so much energy in to winning? Agreed that no one likes to lose but why throw a tantrum if you do.

Wining is a matter of perspective. The real win is not to stand first…rather to be the best you can be. These two ideas are inter-related actually. Let me explain. If you try too hard to win, you will be more concerned with trying to make the other person lose. So you are more focused on beating him/her neglecting your own strategy, more focused on not making a mistake. In short, you are in a fight mode and not really thinking calmly.

However, when you try to do the best you are capable of then you are trying to perfect your moves; analyzing your mistakes, rethinking your strategy and trying to outsmart your opponent based on instantaneous facts and moves. You are patient and thoughtful, more concerned about wisely analyzing all possible options before taking a step…you are cautious. So when you do achieve the pinnacle of your performance…you automatically win…because you have now out-smarted your opponent.

I know, it got really confusing and doesn’t really make any sense. What I am trying to say is that perfection of self (as near a possible) is more important than winning. In that way, if you lose, you are more accepting of your errors and ready to work on them rather than throwing a tantrum. Your sportsman-spirit is developed and you actually have fun in the game. Moreover, once you have perfected your self (moves, strategy etc) you automatically win because you are more capable of multidimensional thinking and analysis. Furthermore, since nobody is perfect, that means you will get as close to being the best as you can but never really achieve that status; which implies that there will always be room for improvement. So you would just have to try harder next time.

Remember, winning is not important. It should be a goal but it shouldn’t be everything. Rather, try to do the best you are capable of and try harder every time. Once you do achieve your best performance, you will be a winner. Even then you would have to continue your improvements and training. But in this case, you will look at your defeat as a sign of not performing your best and a motivation to do so the next time. Remember, you cannot win unless you learn to do two things. Enjoy the game and accept defeat.

Best of luck. 😎

Listening to: Junaid Jamshed – Khudhi Jalaey Deeay


  1. Hey!! well written was quite clear and not confusing at all. I thought the topic was really catchy infact it urged me to read through the article. You’ve chosen a good topic and have done full justice to it in ur post. keep up the gud work and i’m sure this was one was inspired by sumthing ..I wonder what?


    • well yeah you’re right…it was inspired. Ya know how big a fan I am of playing games. So Anu and I had a discussion on winning and losing the other day and I thought this is something most people don’t realize about games. Plus…I wanted to put up my opinions 😀

      Thanx btw for your appreciation 😀


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