Great Leaders

I found this post on the traits of a great leader and I think it is something all of us should be aware of and try to develop. I believe there is leadership potential in all of us. We just need to tap in to it and take control. Following is the post that was put up in Rozee weblog.

Traits of a Great Leader — Rozee Weblog


Leaders are honest people with high moral values. Rather than playing blame game, where they try to pinpoint a scapegoat when something goes wrong, they hold themselves responsible in front of their management. Their employees trust the leaders and go out of the way to win accolades from them. This allows a very positive energy to flow within organizations.

Thus leaders bring with themselves a strong current of positive energy that helps the company meet tight deadlines, elevate employee moral and allows the company to stay competitive.

Risk Takers:

Leaders are not afraid to make difficult decisions. They take calculated risks. Whereas, a mediocre manager would want to always play safe, avoiding difficult projects or delaying decision making, leaders are always ready to take challenges head-on.

You will hear them welcome difficult projects that are high-profile. They are always ready to prove to the world that they can do it.

Natural Problem Solvers:

Leaders are naturally good at solving all sorts of problems. They are good at looking at issues from different dimensions and therefore offering unique, yet simple solutions. Leaders understand their product. Their solutions keep in mind the end user of their solution.

Good Listeners:

Leaders are good at resolving issues because they are good listeners. Pay attention to the person speaking loudly and continuously in a meeting; he is probably not a leader. Leaders tend to sit back and soak-in the information before offering solutions. And when they do, they are not averse to listening to contrary points of views.

Consensus Builders:

Leaders never take people for granted. They always build a consensus in their team prior to undertaking any major project. This is not to say that they cannot make their own minds up and need a committee. On the contrary, from the bosses who simply tell their employees what to do, leaders will explain what needs to be done and answer any ensuing questions.

People Development:

A very important aspect of what leaders do is that they develop people under them. Leaders are not content in simply lobbing easy tasks that can be hit out of the park each time by their employees. Leaders challenge their employees with new ideas and new tasks so that it adds to the skillset of that person.

Leaders empower people under them to take difficult decisions, to go on meetings by themselves, to propose new and bold ideas. Leaders ensure that, at the end of the year, an employee has grown beyond what he knew 1 year ago.


Leaders are passionate about their work. They infuse energy in whatever assignment they take on. They are committed people who believe in their work assignments.

Eyes on the Prize:

Leaders are always very goal oriented. As they go through the day, they never lose sight of the main objective of a project or a product. They always have a long-term strategy in mind that they do not compromise for short-term gains.

Good Teachers:

Leaders are good coaches. They are selfless in spending time teaching people who work for them or with them. This trait helps people working for such a person to develop themselves and enhance their skills. Leaders make time to explain ideas and thoughts to people. They make time to share knowledge that they have with those that want to acquire it. They do not hoard information. They are approachable by anyone.

For the full article, click here: Traits of a Good Leader

Let us all strive to identify our inner leaders and nurture them.

Best Wishes. 😎


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