Student Crushed Under KU Point

Faiza Zaidi, a student of NED University, Department of CIS Engineering, was on her way to university when she was crushed under a Karachi University point. The incident took place early morning, somewhere around 9:00 am, on April 18, 2008. The details of the accident are still unclear but it is said that she was trying to get off the point, somewhere between NED University and Karachi University, when the driver suddenly accelerated causing her to slip and fall. She was then crushed by the rear wheel of the point. According to the news, the driver did not stop and she was left lying at the scene of the accident. Her brother, a Final Year student of CSIT Department, was called and took his sister to the hospital.

Faiza Zaidi was not a regular point traveller. She had to come by the point today because her brother had to come to University early in order to make some arrangements for an event being Organized in CSIT department. Having said that, it is quite obivous why she preferred the point instead of other public transport.

For students, Point buses (points) are a safe and convenient mode of transport especially for those who live far from the University. It follows a direct route and drops the students of right in front of the university. No one other than students is allowed on board. However, and incident such as this forces us to question our safety in the Points. The Points drivers drive too fast, they overload the buses so much that sometimes the students are hanging on the outer rail with just a foot on the platform, and they do not wait for long while the students are boarding or getting off. The shuttle buses, which are meant to be a safe mode of transport for the students, have now turned hazardous for us.

The entire student body implores the administration to remedy this situation so that more lives are not lost. A new policy should be set which should:

+ limit the number of students a point can board
+ close the gate after the limit is reached
+ maintain a steady, moderate speed
+ come to a complete halt when the students are disembarking.

When we enter the point, our lives are the drivers responsibility and such reposibility should be fulfilled with extreme caution.

Faiza was the only sister of two brothers. It is hard to imagine what her family must be going through right now. I pray to Allah to provide her family with the strength and patience needed to cope with this harsh ordeal and to grant the deceased a place in Paradise. Ameen.

May Allah Bless us all.


Edit 1: A KUrian dropped by and provided us some information regarding the accident. Check out the comments for the details.



  1. According to Father of nation Qauid-eAzam Muhammad Ali Jinnah”Students are assets and bright future of Pakistan.” But it is ashamed for our adminstration that our ministers facilates by 04 to 05 cars each including police van etc. The nation who paying tax (even in the purchasing 1 kg of flour ) suffered. In NED university construction and developement increased day by day but they have no fund to buy new points. Only 13 points exist in NED University for 6000 students and more than 2000 employees. There are no seperate busses for employyes and they travel in student points.
    There is not one Faiza who lost her precious life which never back although many people lost thier life due to accident in this city.
    There is no overhead (Pedistrian) bridge infront of KU and NED but there a luxry bridge under process for luxry cars and luxury people.
    IBN-SEENA hospital refused her to give first AID due to Police case and she lost her life while reaching Abbasi hospital. Why NED Medical centre not properly eqquipped.
    When saturday morning, I heard this bad news about a young girl, a poem of Munir Niazi came in my mind “HAMESHA DAIR KARDETA HOON MAIN”


  2. i m in d same point in which faiza(late) was travelling i saw d whole scene after dat incident my hole day vanish i didnt get myself out of this scene inspite 2 days went i m still upset not up to mark.
    i hope university authority shud get it this incident very seriously n do sumthng


  3. With all our prayers for “Faiza Zaidi”, MAY ALLAH REST HER SOUL IN PEACE

    Firstly, She was not crushed near NIPA she was accidently crushed at the Silver Jubilee gate of KU.

    She tried to get off the point when it was turning near silver jubli gate. Girls of the point said to her that ask the driver to stop the point but she said that she will manage, but what a fate, she got disbalanced and was crushed by the back tyres of the point!
    The girls inside the point who saw her lost their conscious and boys were crying. Other students who saw her also cried and lost their conscious too.

    Its a high time for our administration to take some serious step in this regard.
    If the driver would have tried to stop the point then there were 99% chances of turning over of the point which God forbid would have taken many more lives

    Don’t mention “engineers life has no value?” better mention “STUDENT”
    only 2% of da whole population reaches University level and we are provided with such a wonderful facilities in our student life, how worthy our lives are for our administration….

    Its not only the NEDIANS who will remember her, we the KUrians will also remember her in our prayers always, INSHALLAH.

    Let’s pray that no such bad incident take place in the future.


    • Thanks for providing a KUrian’s account. I can hardly imagine what it would be like for people who actually witnessed the event. It is true that this impacts all students. Hopefully now the administration will realize that it is high time that student’s safety is given priority.


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