People As I Know Them…

It is that time of the year again when I am in a dire need of a vacation. It is 5:00 am and I am depressed. Plus I have to study for a quiz. So here I am blogging as a way to vent of my frustration because of the various things that have been said this day.

Spending four years independently has taught me much: like how hard it if for me to be a social butterfly 24/7, how much I am addicted to my computer and games and silence, how I prefer to do things in the dead of the night because there is no life around…awake at least. It is my default configuration and I relish in it.

Which brings me to classify the default configurations of the people I’ve met so far.

Lets start with the common ones: People pleasers. You find a lot of them everywhere you go. They do not really have a mind of their own rather they would agree with everything you say just so you like them. It is hard to talk to them for when you put forth an idea to them, you never get an argument. So they tend to get boring after a while and annoying as well for you want them to disagree with you on one small thing.

Next are the nose pokers. My business is my business, your business is my business too…that is their motto. They would never leave you alone. Whatever you do is always wrong for them…even if it is what they proposed. They just prefer that you do not have a mind of your own. So there is not much you can do about them save ignore everything they say.

Then come the gossip mongers who always have something to say about someone. They tend to comment on everyone’s life and choice and feel great pleasure in flaunting others’ mistakes. Whether or not you want to listen, they will tell you about that third person who did “something that was awfully wrong” when in fact they has a valid reason. They have characteristics similar to nose pokers and you often find people who fall into both categories.

And then there are people who find it so easy to say the one thing that can bring everything apart…with dead finality none the less; who like to control (not that I am not a control freak) and find the most absurd comments when the situation is at their doorstep. Yeah, I know such people too. Freedom of speech is overrated for them, they do not give a second’s thought to your wishes, do not care about what you like, or think, or want. It should be according to their liking or it should be nothing at all.And they like to assume what they want and hold it against you for…ever? For they, in their minds, are the supreme beings. Most annoying assuredly.

Last but not least, there are those who do not fall into these categories. They are the good, kind people (yes they still do exist). They listen to you, give you a shoulder, help you out, encourage you, inspire you and be your pillar of support. You like talking to them because they have something good to say. You spend time with them because they always make it memorable. They are sincere and loyal and accept you for who your are; formal enough by not overstepping their boundaries and yet so close you feel they know everything about you. They are few and far between, hard to find. But if you do find such people, make sure you hold them with both your hands for in the rocky areas of life, they will turn out to be the shock absorbers.



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