End Of An Era…

The worst thing about the end is leaving all the people behind. I tend to keep people at a distance but occasionally I find that one person who crawls in carves a niche in my life. Then, after what seems like just yesterday, its time to say goodbye…

So I am an Engineer…Finally! Yes, I am ecstatic, overjoyed, overwhelmed etc. Afterall, my hard work just paid off! However, it is also the time when I should wrap up everything and move on with life…and that means saying goodbye to my dear, dear room-mate.

So kicks in the depression. I have only felt this way about thrice in my life; once in 8th grade when my best friend was moving away, then about four years back when I joined NED and I had to say goodbye to my parents, and then now…when I have to say goodbye not only to my room-mate but to my cat, Bhookee, whom I raised with such adoration.

I know, I realize this is a part of life but it is one part I wish never comes. Four years with someone is a long, long time especially if they’ve been with you through thick and thin. So it definitely scares you when you realize that you might never see them again…one of your best friends in life and a few months from now you might as well be strangers.

Well, I guess this is life, and true, in matters like these life really sucks.

So in between these bouts of depression and boredom, I am unable to pack or clean up my room (which is a mess) and I have less than two days in which to pack up everything and move out. I suppose that is better achieved if I move away from the computer for a while  😛

So here ends an era of great friendship and unquestionable loyalty and all that remains with me are memories of the magnificient time I had.

I wish you all the best my dear, dear room-mate. I wish we meet again…somewhere, someday, soon…


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