And I Cry…

I have lived long and witnessed much. I have seen spring flowers reflected in smiling eyes diffusing their sweet fragrance around them. I have seen the flowers whither away and disappear into nothingness as I donned a white blanket. I have seen children dance with joy in the rain, squealing with delight as they splashed the puddles. I have laughed with them as they sped through green pastures, their laughter echoing in the sunlit meadows. I have also seen war, death and destruction. And I have cried.

Let me recount a snippet of my long history. This tale started over a century ago when I felt unrest in my bosom. I saw determined men and women strive for a goal with passion and zeal. I saw as they bore injustice and cruelty to make their voices heard. I saw as they were oppressed for raising their voices and later killed for their dreams and beliefs. And I cried.

In the year 1947, I witnessed the success of those determined individuals. I witnessed them yell out in joy as they achieved their goal and look forward to a brighter future holding their ideologies and beliefs close to their hearts. I witnessed the birth of a new nation. Yet, at the same time, I saw those people leave behind their homes, belongings and all that they knew for a new life. I saw them sacrifice their comfort so that their offspring may have a chance at a better future, a better life. I saw as they were tortured, shot and burned for their dreams. I saw myself being torn apart in the name of peace. And I cried.

Years passed before my eyes and I witnessed the change this nation, my people, went through. I saw them lose sight of their goals, ideologies and beliefs. I saw them stray from their paths, their unity dissolve, their faith dwindle and their discipline fade. I saw families being destroyed over hunger for dominance and I witnessed as they tore away yet another part of me. I saw it all…and I screamed for someone to hear me, to stop, to remember. Yet, no one answered. And I cried.

Sixty-three years later, I witnessed my people getting worse. I saw them divide over race, religion and land. I saw them kill over money, revenge and petty differences. I saw the death and destruction they have brought over me. I pleaded for them to stop, to remember why I was divided in the first place, what their ancestors gave up their life for, why I was given to them. Yet, the answer to my pleas was blood falling on my soil like raindrops. And I cried.

My light wanes now. I shout, scream, plead and beg for someone to hear me, to listen, to remember the past, the ideology, the dream that formed the foundation of my sacrifice. I plead for somebody to care, to keep my flame burning. Yet no one stops, nobody hears me and I am rewarded with silence. My hope withers…

And I cry.


Just a little something I came up with for Independence day 2010. I hope it is clear and makes sense (it was much better in my head). I tried to keep it objective so it might come off as a little vague. Well, the audience is most welcome to draw conclusions.

Now I would just like 5 minutes of your time. Please drop in a comment to tell me whether it was interesting, good? Or perhaps it was not so good. Your feedback would definitely make me happy. Of course, constructive criticism is appreciated.

Until next time. Take care!


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