Meteor Attack!

Hey there. Been a while. A long while considering I haven’t written anything for about an year now (the last post is actually dated August 2010). Many times I have tried to force myself out of my long slumber and come up with something worthwhile to post on this lonely blog.

Before I start with the actual post, let me bore you with reasons of why I had to hibernate for so long. Well, there is only one reason actually: lack of creativity. I started blogging sometime in 2007 on suggestion of a dear friend (find her here: Syma’z Blog). The first few attempts were just exploration ending in useless posts and a deleted blog. This one became stable around 2008 and has been lonely ever since. Yes, I know. A lot of useless information but I am trying to fill that creative juice jar!

I am a sort of internet fanatic. I surf a lot; forums, blog, anything that catches my fancy. So, I started blog surfing around the same time as I started blogging and I marveled (and still do) at the creativity some people put in their blogs. Most of the time, it does not have to be about anything particular. Yet, it is interesting enough for me to do a little exploration on their site. Hence I wonder, why is it that I am unable to write about something like that?

When I started blogging, I would often treat the blog as my diary, writing about the mundane details of my life (and I hate writing diaries). One day, I decided to mimic Alice and fall in to my blog hole to reach the wonderland of my mind (and I haven’t read Alice in Wonderland so there will be discrepancies). It didn’t turn out much of a wonderland but it did make me realize how different Alice and I truly am: Alice went on an adventure, I…well, lets get back to the topic, shall we?

From that moment, I decided to make my blog more creative and to post when I have something interesting to write about. So I delved a little in to reviews. But since I am unable to review properly, that plan went down the drain soon. Over the 3 years since, I have tried to write something worthwhile but whenever it comes to writing, I am either unable to put a great idea in to words or do not have anything worthwhile to share with the rest of the world (I am not writing a diary!). And so my blog is left alone and seemingly abandoned until its owner decides to give blogging another try.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about. Rather, I don’t know exactly which of my endless thoughts (that are processed in a brain which works faster than light) I should make the subject of a blog post. And so, the “Intellectual Meteor Spray” has been reduced to “Intellectual Meteor Drought” (or whatever should be the appropriate name).

I do visit this lonely place once in a while to keep company, but because of lack of ideas (refer above for the details and number of times it has already been mentioned) I end up giving it a makeover. In fact, the makeover is more fun than actually thinking about what to write. Even now, before I started this post, I went to the makeover section to see if there was something I could work with. Fortunately (or unfortunately perhaps), there wasn’t much I could do and so I stopped getting distracted and clicked on the “New Post”  link. The result is what you have read so far.

Now, since I do not have much to add to this totally random piece of writing, let me give my final words. I blog because I like it; because I like writing and putting thoughts in to words (blame my 9th grade English teacher who critically analyzed all my essays just so I can get a good grade in GCSE’s. And yes I am very, very thankful to her). Even if sometimes I don’t have much to say, it’s relieving typing away on the keyboard about anything and everything on my mind. So even if it is not a diary (and I don’t really like to discuss boo-boos or problems to anyone), these are my thoughts and opinions, my views, the way I see the world…and the content of this blog (until the entire Alice in Wonderland scenario repeats itself).

Here, dear audience, you have a very random post which takes you on a journey through my mind. This post is unaltered and lists my thoughts exactly as they occurred while I was writing this post. And because it is unaltered, I am not going to proofread it, so excuse any spelling and grammatical errors. I hope you enjoyed the random thoughts of an Evil Genius!

For the next (and possible future posts), I will be working on review-rants. A new section (you may say) reviewing things I have seen, giving my opinions and spoilers (since it is very obvious I cannot write a decent review; summaries were never my forte!).

Well then, until next time!


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