Dreams Are Made Of This…

I wonder what Xuki's dreams are made of...

I like dreaming. It is the entrance to a grand adventure….good or bad. I look forward to nights where I get a dream I manage to remember the next morning. Besides, the fact that they are a window in to my subconscious is a great added bonus.

I tend to have an overactive imagination, yet when I dream, I realize my conscious imagination pales in comparison to my subconscious one. I dream in varying intensities: some are mundane, some a little adventurous, and some place me right in the middle of hostile territory with randomly (and quickly) spawning enemies. Then there are the waking up instances where I either try to make sense of my surroundings (because I am lost), scratch my head trying to make sense of what happened, or try to stop my body from continuing its fight-or-flight response. And then there are dreams that make no sense and I wake up wondering how I came across a particular piece of information that made its way into that said dream when, consciously, I had no knowledge of it.

When I was young, I often used to dream about falling off cliffs or high places…not that it was fear, rather one of those feelings where you fall off from a high place and suddenly wake up with your heart beating really fast. I used to enjoy those dreams (maybe because of my adventurous nature) and the feeling I used to have as soon as I woke up. It was quite thrilling (kind of how I expect bungee jumping would feel like). I do not have those sort dreams anymore, but that thrilling feeling has moved on to other types of dreams. I also remember having basketball dreams; I like playing basketball even though I am not really good at it, so it was pretty exciting never missing a throw especially at a time when I was too busy to actually play.

Then my dreams started involving cars because that is another thing I like. I would be driving along on crazy, vertically transverse wave-like roads, with the air-conditioner on my face, and find a suspicious person in a physically impossible, suspicious corner. I would chase that person, engage in a action-movie-ish fight and wake up as soon as I reached the climax. Of course, I would not be able to sleep after that or continue where the thrilling movie-like dream left off and end up wondering who actually won.

I remember the dream I had when I watched Doom. I recall running, entering a public toilet, getting in a cubicle and readying my weapon waiting the transformed Dwayne Johnson to appear. I remember my adrenaline-filled body ready to fight in the fight-or-flight situation until my roommate graciously decided it was time to interrupt at the most exciting part…again. Unfortunately, neither could I figure out whether I lived or died nor did my sub-conscious ever take up another action-movie project (I suspect funding issues).

As for nightmares, the worst ones that I can think up of are of me failing my GCSEs. I would see myself getting my results and either I would be missing a grade listed as being absent during the exam or getting an F. The funny thing is 4-6 years later, I would still, rarely though, dream of failing my GCSEs, when I without a doubt cleared all of them, and wake up almost praying to pass until I would realize that I did pass. The subsequent confusion would then slow me down as I tried to figure what date and time it was.

Other similar instances involved acquaintances or friends behaving strangely and involved in situations they would never be involved in, and eerily realistic scenarios. I, obviously, was somehow in the center of all of it and I would wake up berating myself over how I could make such a grave mistake (which I almost always did in such dreams) until I would realize it was all fiction. During such dreams, I would wake up in the middle, realize it was a dream, assure myself, go back to sleep, continue the dream, and repeat the process until I woke up from the sleep for the final time. The weird aspect was that every time I would wake up, the fear and regret would be very real, my heart would be racing, and my brain would be overworking trying to find ways to rectify the situation.

Let's go on an adventure tonight!

I never had any ghosts or monsters in my dreams (unless you count zombies) and, of course, there are other pleasant (or unpleasant) dreams that I cannot remember, but regardless of the type of dream that I have, it is very interesting to see what story my subconscious cooks up and, more specifically, what is in my subconscious. For me, a dream is like watching a movie in my head…an event I anticipate and enjoy…99.99% of the time.


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