Here is another old piece I wrote a long time ago (probably 2006 or 2007), posted on one or two sites, and then took down. This one is quite abstract. As usual, I am putting it up as is from the old file I dug up in my computer. Hence, this is still in its original form as it was written and presented in 2006 (or 2007).

Feedback is appreciated. Happy reading!

Synopsis: A girl’s perspective of things as she comes to terms with her feelings of sadness.


The cool breeze ruffled her skirt as her mind traversed through the promises of her childhood. Her hair flew about her wildly, caressing her face as she gazed into the distance, standing on the edge of the world. She looked calm and serene, seeing what no one saw, standing where no one could reach her and residing in a place no one can intrude.

It was her private cliff, her secret hideout, where she would often come to coordinate her mind and body in an otherwise fast-paced world. The perfect view of the river below, with a wild and colorful combination of summer blossoms and animals prancing around in the untouched lawn, would provide her with the perfect escape.

Today, however, all was dark and gloomy. The sun was dimmed as if a massive dark cloud had shadowed it. The river was not as glittery, the animals not as pretty. And the flowers she was so fond off seemed gray and dead.

But then, today she felt that way. Today she needed no coordination; she was not at peace. Her eyes spoke of great pain, her heart cried with unspoken grief, and her mind ran wild with memories. She reminisced her past, remembered her friends and recalled all those promises made around the campfire in a surge of loyalty. She remembered the laughter, the tears, the hugs and the kisses. But above all she recollected the loyalty, the faithfulness, and the unspoken bond of support.

Yet she stood alone. A silent tear escaped her pain-shadowed eye and she caught it in her hand. She looked at the fallen tear and it held her entire life laid bare for her to see. She never found friends again. She had searched far and wide but never found someone to trust and to hold, someone to lean on for support, someone to count on in times of need. Suddenly for her, the world had become cruel and selfish. Here there were no friends, only pretenders that moved on from act to act.

‘Is this the real world?’ She thought. ‘Was my entire life an illusion?’

Everyone she thought was her friend turned on her. Everyone she thought cared for her had left her. She had no one to share with, no one to tell the good news, and none to tell how unfair the dealing had been. For a long time now, she had found no true friend.

Oh she had tried; she had tried so hard. She was always there to love them, and to support them as she thought a friend would always do. But here nobody cared, their selfishness had closed them off to love and their pretenses were all that mattered. She had tried living alone, tried to be selfish and not care about people, but she could not do it. She was taught to love, to be compassionate and to help those in need. Some called her soft-hearted, but her principles of kindness would never let her do otherwise. No, she could not live alone; she could not be selfish and unkind. Yet she could not take the betrayal. She was caught in a world where friendship no longer existed, where people did not know who friends were. Were then she to give up?

‘No!’ She whispered as she remembered her childhood friends again.

She had been in a situation like this before and she had pulled through. She now had great friends who, although far away, would support her no matter what. Friends who were loyal and trustworthy and exactly what friends should be: pillars of support. She extracted hope from her memories and closed her eyes. Wiping off her tears, she drew in a long deep breath. And when she opened her eyes, the sun was shining again.

It was then she made her decision. She would not let sadness overcome her. She would not let the harsh world destroy the beauty within her. She would not lose hope. Somewhere in this vast expanse of the world there might be someone searching for a friend just like she was. And one day perhaps, they would meet just as had happened before. She would still believe in miracles. She would remain patient and careful. And in the waiting she would give her love to those who needed it, in hopes that they may change. She smiled as she strengthened her heart and mind and prepared for what she would soon encounter. She glanced around her haven and then turned to leave.

The flowers seemed bright and cheerful again.




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