Mylene Jenius

Maximilian Jenius + Milia Fallyna Jenius = Mylene Flare Jenius


How did this happen?! Genetics, were you drunk?!

Ace Pilot Max Jenius, later Captain of an entire fleet, and his wife, Ace Pilot, later Mayor, Milia Jenius, how can they make a kid so stupid, so ignorant, and so irritating! And she’s only 14! I would expect the “Ace Kid” to be fearless and daring, always inviting trouble! Yet, she turns out to be an attention-seeking busybody! Why?! How?!

In her favor, I can suppose Mylene is the result of her mother playing baby catch with an uncoordinated person who, unlike Hayase Misa, did not manage to save the baby from a head-crash. Even that reasoning flies out the window considering Milia raised four kids before Mylene.

On the other hand, it is very easy for me to believe that Mylene is the adopted daughter instead of Moaramia. That is more plausible considering she defies genetics and is nothing like her parents…except, perhaps, her flight skills which receive a fair pass.

I can not recall another time when I have hated a protagonist as much as her and her equally, if not more, idiotic band-mate Nekki Basara. Even now, after everything is over, it is still unbelievable that Mylene could possible be related Captain and Mayor Jenius!


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