Cats And Their Humans

Cats are cute and cuddly and make us either go “aww” or laugh out loud at their antics. And because of the great language barrier between us humans and cats, we probably often mistake their sinister intentions for affection. This makes me wonder what our behavior appears to our feline friends.

Xuki showing her displeasure and disapproval of me; a usual occurrence.

Xuki showing her displeasure and disapproval of me; a usual occurrence.

Perhaps, it is because I just finished Chi’s Sweet Home and the cat’s perspective is still in my system, but sitting around, I started wondering what certain cat expressions meant especially in context with our stimuli. And of course, what cats think of us.

You know those times when the cat is just lazing around, lounging in the room, grooming itself with its guard down, and then you do something, like run towards it, and it rolls over with a jerk and sits alertly? I am pretty sure that at that time, the cat is thinking, “WTF IS SUDDENLY WRONG WITH MY SLAVE?!”

Or those moments when the cats are sleeping and you start taking photos causing the cat to wake up and stare at you? The thought it is trying to communicate is probably, “You know…this is considered stalking and I think you need some serious help…”

I also wonder if cats have these little tea parties, where they sit around and discuss the antics of their slaves and laugh at them. And they share little anecdotes as examples. Perhaps even exchange stories or talk about how their slaves sometimes act as though they are possessed.

Things like these – these stares, these reactions from cats – they often make me wonder that while we are laughing at their shenanigans and thinking that cats are stupid, maybe our cats are thinking the same about us. To me, that is a very amusing thought.


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