But Then Why?


But Then Why?I dug this up while going through some stuff and I thought I should share it here and make a digital copy at the same time. This was written when I was in 7th or 8th grade and it’s one of my first attempts at creative writing which I’ve never shared with anyone until now.

Please keep in mind that this was written by an 11/12 year-old who had just discovered that it was possible to write pretty awesome stuff. Additionally, this is posted in its original form (without proofreading any/or any changes) as it was written all those years ago.

I hope you enjoy it.

Synopsis: Earth’s reminiscences.


You surely must’ve read many exciting, glamourous, mystery stories which you would’ve really enjoyed. This story is neither like that, nor might it seem interesting. But I would like you to read it, so that maybe you can understand me, feel my pain, & change my future.

My real name is Earth, but people call me World. My story begins long time ago…the exact date, even I don’t remember. I was happy, very happy, because I was the only one of the nine planets, on whom life would prevail. There were many different creations on my surface…animals, birds, trees, plants, flowers, but I liked the most intelligent creation, the man, or human beings as you call them. It was a very peaceful time, flowers would bloom on me, birds would chirp on my trees & all the people lived in peace & harmony.

Time passed by & man utilized his talents. I was very happy because he was the best creations on me & was very intelligent. He studied & discovered, making various comforts for his future generations. I allowed him to use all other creations on my surface, because I knew he’d benefit all. But the results weren’t as I expected. With time he became arrogant & merciless & started killing all other creations. I didn’t like it, but thought it would change.

I was wrong again. Though some people tried to help me, others would not even care about me. Humans continued to develop & brought about a revolution for their fellow species. I was happy for many things he invented, but many of those inventions were harmful.

Man developed the atom bomb, which he used to kill & gain power. This atom bomb, killed people, polluted my rivers & soils, killing my plants, animals, & birds who would drink that water. But I thought he’d take care next time.

Man than invented the space-craft & satellites to study me. I was happy & thought that he realized his mistake, but I was wrong again. He set up new industries, which would dispose off their chemical & radioactive wastes in my waters & kill everything that uses it. Soon afterwords, the beautiful birds started dying & people started getting sick. Man also started hunting so much that all the animals were on the verge of extinction. Luckily, he stopped on advise from his fellow beings. But then, he started attacking them. War was waged on every corner of mine & people started fighting amongst themselves. This continues till today & there is not even a single peaceful spot left on me.

I ponder over this everyday, every night. Questions come to my mind to which I have no answers. I look back at my story & shout out to people…”Why are you doing this to me? Why are you fighting amongst yourself? Why do you want to eradicate the word ‘peace’ from future dictionaries? Why have you forgotten the way your ancestors lived…in peace & harmony, helping & supporting each other?” But the people are too busy with themselves & don’t listen to my shouts, cries & pleads.

As I look back on my story, questions come to me: “They say they love me & call me their ‘home’, but then…why do they destroy my landscape & beauty? Why do they hurt me? Why do they want to make me Hell?” As I search for these answers, a question pops through my mind: “Is there any answers to these questions?”



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