Roaring Laughter

I love laughing. I actively seek out things that make me laugh: people with a very good sense of humor (although…that’s debatable since I often feel I’m surrounded by depressed beings), things on internet that make laugh out loud, and so on. Granted that usually I am just amused with most of it and, because of that, the moment I burst out laughing is very gratifying. But if someone asks me what makes me laugh, the first thought in my mind is my best friend.

We live far away — in different countries — but (Alhamdullilah) have a very close relationship. These days, most of our communication happens through WhatsApp and hardly a day goes by when I don’t laugh while talking to her. In fact, I’m even laughing right now just thinking about her and writing this post!

When I saw this prompt and thought about the last thing that made me laugh, her name popped in to my mind — in fact one specific conversation. Now, truthfully, that’s not the last thing that made me laugh (since it happened some days back) but it is one of the most memorable moments. (Well, I think the last thing that made me laugh was a picture that she sent me which turned in to a story that she’s been bugging me to write and post…but that’s for another time!)

Here’s the part of our long conversation that made me laugh like a maniac.

ConvoThe last sentence translates to: “As in when you see them you feel hot or sweat?”

Conversation context: We were talking about people being “hot”. Basically, the question was whether the people in a picture posted earlier were “hot”.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of the silly conversations of two very silly people.

Inspired by: Daily Prompt


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