Here Kitty, Kitty!

If I inherited a dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside, what would I do with it? Make a Cat Castle of course! Well it wouldn’t be a castle but a Cat Grand Mansion would work just fine.

This one didn’t even require any thinking. It’s an old wish of mine that only a few (I think only two) people know. Someday, I wish to own a castle (or a grand mansion in this case) very, very far from civilization, and fill it with only cats. Every species of cats present in the world — from strays to special breeds to wild lions, tigers, and panthers — will be allowed to roam free there. And I — just me — would live with them, and play with them, and enjoy with them. There will be hired help, of course; a cook, a butler, my personal attendant, two or three maids to clean and maintain the house, and nineteen attendants who care for the cats.

That is my ultimate goal; to live with cats. Just cats. Away from people. In fact, I often think, that if Heaven is what we want it to be, I would like to live with just cats over there too!

Inspired by: Daily Prompt

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