It’s not easy for me to translate my current mood into a painting; there are too many thoughts in my head and too many emotions to go with them. I’m often told that I am moody…a fact I don’t deny. Which is why it is hard to me to describe my mood to anyone (never mind that sometimes even I’m unable to figure it out!)

But if I really put an effort in to it, I suppose my “mood painting” would just be blots of colors on a canvas as if someone has just thrown all the different shades on to a surface. There wouldn’t be any definitive shape and it definitely wouldn’t make any sense. I suppose, though, that if someone tried to analyze it, it would probably appear to them as if the artist was severely confused.

This “mood painting”, in another form, is nothing new for me. I often end up doodling when I have free time and access to a pen or pencil (often a paper is not required but it does help). Even then, my doodles end up as something strange; interconnected boxes, colored circles, a ball plant. I’ve also been told (by none other than my best friend) that it is hard to figure out my mental state through my doodles but it often appears to be weird. Although…sometimes I catch myself doodling cats. I’ve never really tried to figure out what that could mean.

But if I do try to paint my current mood, I suppose that the background would be black. Black calms me down and comforts me; I prefer darker rooms and areas. Also, despite my worries and annoyances, I am able to push the depressing thoughts back and distract myself, and I think that ever-present calmness could be best described by a black background. Considering this precise moment, there would be a big blotch of a sharp color like bright red (taking up more than half the canvas) representing my current irritation. There would also be moderate sized blot of sky-blue for happiness. Also, there probably will be a darker (sort of sickly) green for procrastination and a complementary, brighter hue for my enthusiasm of things that I want to do. There will, probably, also be a lot of gray for emotions that I cannot identify (or are being overshadowed by the other colors).

It would probably end up looking something like this:

MoodA hodgepodge of colors.

But then, my head is not easy to figure out…even for me.

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