I Love Me!

Which do I find more unbearable? Watching myself or listening to myself? Neither! Or, perhaps, both…depending on the situation.

I’m not camera-shy — or microphone-shy — around people I’m comfortable with. With my closest friends, I’d make a fool out of myself on camera, loudly record a song in my off-key voice, and take the weirdest of photographs. My friends often get annoyed with me for spoiling pictures or messing with their recordings in the weirdest of ways!

The best proof of that is — once again — my BBF. When we’re talking, we do the craziest of things, make the weirdest of noises, act most embarrassingly on video, and do anything and everything that would probably make onlookers question our sanity. Often times, people do.

With strangers, however, I’m not so keen. I’d often be standing on the far side of a photograph, decline saying anything, and just smile in a video. Then again, around strangers (and even relatives and not so close friends) I usually stick to a corner silently even without a camera being in the room. My introverted nature takes over.

Bottom line is that I do not find any recording of mine unbearable (although, I may sometimes think it’s a bad recording, but never unbearable) but I would be more reserved — when it comes to recordings — in front of strangers than in front of people I’m really attached to.

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