Each and every one of us, at some point in life has wished that we were fearless; that we were courageous enough to do what we wanted at that point. Fear keeps us from doing things we want; fear of failing keeps us from taking risks, fear of embarrassment prevents us from speaking our mind, fear of being mocked forces us to try to fit in, and so on. So if everyone was fearless, life would be much better, right?

Perhaps, it maybe so. May be if everyone was fearless, people would be more honest. They would say what they mean instead of lying. They would, maybe, try out new things instead of making excuses. And, maybe, they would not be so hesitant in doing things that they love.

But I will not say that incapability of feeling fear is a good thing. If there were no fear, many will not be hesitant to do something wrong. There would no longer be any fear of repercussions, so no one would think twice before committing a crime. There would be no fear of hurting people, so no one would care about anyone else’s feelings or just hurting them physically. And while, individually, fearlessness might prove to be a good thing, for the whole of humanity, I think, it would be disastrous.

I think that one purpose of life is that we are supposed to use these fears and better ourselves. Sometimes, they help us see what we are missing and help us realize our shortcomings. Sometimes, they can even act as goals helping us become stronger because once you do something you are really scared of, you are no longer afraid of it anymore. And sometimes, they serve as warnings, stopping us from making mistakes we might end up regretting.

So, do I think a life without fear would be better for me? No, not really. I do not want to be so fearless that I never stop to consider the consequences of my actions. I do not want to be so fearless that I can never again dare myself to do something that I have never done before. And I definitely do not want to be so fearless that I become unable to feel the exhilaration of completing a task that terrified me.

Fear allows me to continuously challenge myself and expand my boundaries and if there were no fear, my life would become stagnant and extremely dull. I shudder just imagining a life like that.

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