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Synopsis: Not all ideas are good ideas.


“Hey! Come look at this!” Adin called out excitedly.

Romar approached him and leaned over his shoulder to look at the photo enlarged on the computer screen.

“The starting point of World War I, eh?” Romar muttered thoughtfully and straightened.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Adin faced Romar, his eyes shining brightly.

Romar looked over to the cat beside them that demanded there attention with an unnerving stare. “I’m thinking Annabeth really needs food.”

“And I’m thinking we found the perfect test case!” Adin turned back to his desk and started searching for something among the mess.

Romar stayed silent for a few moments before he hesitatingly said, “You mean…for –”

“YES!” Adin stood up and faced Romar, his enthusiasm evident on his face.

“NO!” Romar countered firmly.

Adin paused momentarily, surprised by the sudden opposition. “Oh, come on! We were confused about where to go, but now we know! It would be the right thing to do as well!”

Romar took in Adin’s excited state; he expected Adin to start jumping any moment now. “Let me see if I understood you right.” Romar stated, wary of the reply. “You want to use an untested Time Machine to go back to –” he looked back at the computer screen “– 1914 to stop an assassination that led to World War I?”

Adin nodded excitedly in reply.

“Are you insane?!” Romar shouted. “Most people would rather go 5 minutes in the past — or something like that. You want to go back a hundred years and change history?!”

“Perfect test case, right?” Adin smiled proudly.

“It’s the most idiotic test scenario!” Romar roared. “Besides, isn’t altering the past dangerous?!”

“Hey! We’ll be doing everyone a favor!” Adin defended himself.

“It never does anyone any favors! Didn’t you watch The Butterfly Effect?!” Romar waved his hands agitation.

“C’mon –”

“NO! And end of discussion!” Romar exclaimed and hurriedly exited the room to avoid any further arguments. Annabeth followed him.

A few minutes later, his loud voice boomed through the house, “WHY DID YOU EVEN INVENT A TIME MACHINE?!”



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