Thank you for choosing to visit here from the billions of links scattered over millions of servers throughout the world. 

If our appearance was based on personality, this would be me.

What is this blog about?
The inner workings of my depraved mind that I get the impulse to write about.

Is there a theme?
No. There is no theme…or perhaps there is one if you consider the workings of my mind to be a theme.

So, this blog is about everyday life?
No…unless that everyday life had a pretty awesome event. I am pretty sure no one wants to read what I ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, (and I’m pretty sure I don’t have a stalker), so the posts are restricted to things audience would enjoy reading. (Of course, this is entirely in my head).

Is this blog updated regularly?
Define regular. Blog updates depend on my creativity level. Unfortunately, I have yet to be visited by a friendly supernatural being in danger of its world being destroyed and thus requiring my help in the monumental rescue and recovery of its world. Therefore, my adventures are pretty non-existent. As a result, whenever creativity strikes, or I force it to strike, a blog post appears. In short, there is no definite duration between blog posts.

Who are you?
An anomalous, persistent and ambitious Evil Genius with a(n) (eccentric) sense of humor.

Where are you?
Lair, Forests of Nowhere.

Want to know something else?
Leave a comment and I’ll either reply or (if relevant) append to this page.

The cat avatar was made by Samantha Whitten. Visit her here. Also pay a visit to the awesome gamer cat here.



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