Bucket List

Things I want to do before I die! (Updated as I think of things to do)

1. Skydive

2. Bungee Jump

3. Climb Mt. Everest

4. Snowboard

5. Perfect rollerblading

6. Participate in a car race

7. Learn at least 3 new languages

8. Visit Petra

9. Visit the Pyramids of Egypt

10. Visit the Amazon Jungle

11. Own an exotic feline

12. Spend a night with friends in a rumored haunted castle

13. Get blue hair highlights (Completed with unexpected results. Take 2 soon!)

14. Go on an African safari

15. Ride a hot air balloon

16. Pilot an airplane

17. Go on a world-wide treasure hunt

18. Ice skate

19. Learn martial arts

20. Own an Alienware

21. Meet (and possibly befriend) a panda

22. Get in a taxi and yell “Follow that car!”

23. Have fun live-action role-playing as Dracula/Samurai/Weapon master for an entire week


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